Between the Buried and Me – Colors II

When prog metal titans Between the Buried and Me announced that their new album would be titled Colors II, it brought about not just a massive amount of hype, but raised questions about the band's intentions and capabilities. It's fair to be cynical of the band's decision to call their new album Colors II for multiple reasons. Can Between the Buried and Me finally escape the shadow of Colors by embracing it instead?

Aborted – TerrorVision

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Best Of: Metal Christmas

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Soreption – Engineering The Void

Technical death metal is both enthused about and disregarded by much of the online metal community, with claims of the genre being merely a showcase for guitar wankery and lacking any real substance. However every now and then a band release an album which wholly encapsulates the genre while, at the same time, crushes those misconceptions. Sweden's Soreption may very well have done that with their new LP Engineering The Void. After only a few spins of this record, naysayers will have their work cut out for them to pigeon hole the genre so mindlessly.