Best of – Brutal Death Metal

Brutal death metal has the rare benefit of being exactly what it sounds like. The differences one would expect between "regular death metal" and "brutal death metal" are manifold and, by and large, pretty predictable: guitars are more downtuned; riffs are chunkier and more visceral; vocals are far deeper and even less intelligible; the whole nine yards. As far as subgenres go, it doesn't exactly shake up its progenitor's foundations by a relatively large amount, choosing instead to just take everything that makes death metal an already pretty brutal genre and crank that bad boy up to 11. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the ensuing auditory carnage is not for the faint of heart, but it is for anybody that feels like extreme metal just isn't extreme enough yet. If you've ever felt that way—the grooves could be groovier, the riffs could be riffier, the blasts could be blastier, the gutturals could be gutturalier—then brutal death metal is the answer to all your prayers. So without further ado, let's dive in to what our staff considers to the be the Best Of - Brutal Death Metal!
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Six Feet Under – Undead

To have received Undead mere hours after the end of 4/20 is one of fate's more recent and coincidental slip-ups, however it's probably for the best that I use a clear head to I descend into the most recent incarnation of the hazy and depraved world of Chris Barnes. For you see, Six Feet Under have been called a lot of things over the years --- not all of them positive --- and whilst it would be terribly easy to dismiss them in the face of the burgeoning number of fantastic new death metal acts out there, the new line-up (including past and present members of Daath, Chimaira and Brain Drill) is hard to ignore.