Mike Shinoda – Post Traumatic

Today marks around 12 months since the passing of Chester Bennington, another all too frequent day that sends shockwaves rippling through the music community. In this instance, more so than most, the sadness and anguish weren’t contained to the metal or rock communities, but the music world more broadly. Yet, as difficult as his death has been for countless people the world over, few would have felt his loss to the extent that friend and bandmate Mike Shinoda has. Our words couldn’t possibly describe how he would have been feeling, for grief is such a personal emotion, and so we won’t even try. But we can touch upon the various motivations that may have been at play when deciding to write, record and release Post Traumatic, a 16-song LP released in June.

Tesseract – Concealing Fate

Tesseract Concealing Fate 01. Acceptance 02. Deception 03. The Impossible 04. Perfection 05. Epiphany 06. Origin [Century Media | 10/12/10] It’s been a long time coming for UK progressive metal band Tesseract, who have been working on their debut album One for fucking ever, it seems. After some tears were…