Heavy Vanguard Episode 5: Soft Machine // Third

Welcome again to Heavy Vanguard—your ticket to the farthest and weirdest reaches of music. While avant-garde and experimental music is, again, strange upon first listen, it's also massively important to music as a whole. After all, innovation doesn't happen through repetition; it takes people willing to take chances on new things and mark uncharted territory for us to truly move forward. And no other album we've covered so far (with the possible exception of Trout Mask Replica) has been as far-reaching and influential as the one we cover this week: Soft Machine's iconic album Third.
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Rush – Clockwork Angels

Twenty albums in, you have to ask: what's left for Rush to prove? A band that have already been through and gotten over their 'questionable' period, characterised by excessive synthesizers and the sudden mastery of levitation, in record time and returned to that driving proggy rock that defined classics like 2112 and Moving Pictures. Since the hiatus and return of legendary drummer Neil Peart after a huge personal tragedy, the band has cautiously returned to recording music, in the form of 2002's Vapor Trails and Snakes And Arrows five years later. Both albums were distinctly Rush and both contained some great tracks, but they weren't quite the return to form that fans had been waiting for.