Phantom Glue – A War Of Light Cones

Kurt Ballou gets around. When he’s not blazing a trail with Converge, he’s hunkered down in his own studio at God City, working the sound-desk for various noise-making machines who’ve all requested his producing expertise. This is where he could be found during the months of April and August 2011, twiddling the knobs for Boston, MA’s Phantom Glue. The result of those sessions has taken two whole years to see the light of day, but now Black Market Activities have stepped in to save A War Of Light Cones from staying buried from view.

Burning Love – Rotten Thing To Say

This is what rock music is all about! Bluesy solos, catchy riffs and rocking choruses. Strangely enough though, Burning Love’s sophomore effort is more of a hardcore album despite their rock undertones. In fact, this is the most effective use of an unending gauntlet of four chord songs and guitar solos (courtesy of all music ever) that I’ve heard in a long time.

Southern Lord’s Summer Tour Now Has Some Dates!

The previously announced Southern Lord summer package tour featuring Black Breath, Martyrdod, Burning Love, Enabler, and more now has dates available. If only Summer Slaughter were so quick with their turn around, eh? Here are the dates. Make it out, hardcore fans. 6/19 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon w/ Poison…

Everything Went Black – Cycles of Light

Everything Went Black Cycles of Light 01. XI 02. Gods Of Atlantis 03. Halo Of Vultures 04. Lifeless 05. Parades 06. Thorn Feeders 07. Amongst Wolves 08. Kingdoms 09. Baptists [01/17/12] [Lost Shepherd/Prosthetic Records] Crossover, metalcore, metallic hardcore, all these are subgenres of heavy metal, which combine the various elements…

Converge News Converges All At Once

Hahaha, very funny, yes. There’s a long list of these, so I’ll get right to it; try and keep up. Needless to say, good times all round. 1) Shows. Lots of them. Good ones! The U.S., UK, and Europe will all be getting some love this summer. They’re still confirming…