Get Your Friday Vibes Right With Totorro’s Come to Mexico

Friday! What a wondrous day, where the world just seems a little bit brighter. As Douglas Adams put it: "You will need to know the difference between Friday and a fried egg. It's quite a simple difference, but an important one. Friday comes at the end of the week, whereas a fried egg comes out of a chicken". Wise words indeed. In case your Friday mood hasn't been exactly of a sunny disposition, allow me to introduce you to Totorro, a British band who have just what you need. Come to Mexico is their sophomore release and it's a math-rock injection of summer, open arms and hope. To put a cherry on top of this riff cake, it's releasing on Big Scary Monsters, one of our favorite labels. Head on below for your first listen!

Post Rock Post – Talons’ New Topographics

One day soon, I'll write a post analyzing Big Scary Monsters in depth. They're a fantastic label, with bands running the gamut from post rock to emo and indie. A few weeks ago, they held a sale in which, for one weekend, all their stuff on Bandcamp was Name Your Price. I used the opportunity to follow up on some recommendations I had heard on Talons, a British band I should have checked out much, much earlier. Pegging these guys as post rock might something of a simplistic approach; New Topographics is an intricate, often abrasive but mostly beautiful album which upends the relationship between noise and silence within the post rock genre. It's more similar to the old school approaches to post rock of the mid 2000's, where bands like 65daysofstatic and Red Sparrowes were still shying away from delay-ridden guitars and focusing on heavy hitting, big post rock.