Meshuggah – Immutable

Under the weight of its own history and the precedent Meshuggah themselves have set, Immutable seriously struggles to reach the highs of its predecessors, to the point where it doesn’t seem like Meshuggah are necessarily trying to even get there at all.

Messa – Close

Messa's Close is one of those albums that make me want to jump out of my seat, grab anyone who is not currently listening to it, or the band in general, and shake them while yelling "why for the love of everyt... Read More...

Allegaeon – Damnum

Tech death has an excess problem. While last year’s absolutely riveting crop of records serves as a hopeful new trend within the subgenre, technically focused death metal has been universally plagued by the pr... Read More...

Zeal & Ardor – Zeal & Ardor

Gagneux clearly has plenty to explore and express under the Zeal & Ardor name, but as far as the band’s discography goes, Z&A feels more like a stepping stone record: one that explores new ground and strikes gold a fair few times, but doesn’t fully feel like the best possible realization of their sound quite yet.

Author & Punisher – Krüller

Following Beastland, Krüller is yet another monumental step for Shone in refining the songwriting and broadening the possibilities of the Author & Punisher. It's his most listenable project thus far, but no less avant garde or confident in its position resting along the cutting edge of contemporary industrial music. Krüller is often as crushing as any of Shone's past work, but with added emotional complexity and versatility to potentially catapult the record to the top of his discography.