Exclusive Premiere: Dance Away Your Demons With Louvado Abismo

Mixing Christian Death with Siouxsie and the Banshees and dusted with Godflesh, Louvado Abismo is one of the most unnerving and entertaining releases I’ve heard this year.

Music that sounds profoundly evil and utterly fun is hard to find. On the evil end of the spectrum, abrasive industrial certainly scratches the itch. On the danceable side of the spectrum, you’re more likely to explore post-punk and synthwave. 

Portugal’s Louvado Abismo manage to bridge both worlds with their upcoming self-titled debut. A potent combination of deathrock, heavy post-punk, and industrial grime, listening to Louvado Abismo is like prom night in a crypt. Mesmerizing but caustic beats pound over eerie synthy guitars, plunging you into the dark side of the 1980s. It’s hypnotic but chaotic, delightfully fun but terrifying: an all-consuming dance to the death. Vocalist Patrícia Andrade delivers a powerful, haunting performance with undeniable charisma and a hint of desperation that feeds into the intensity of Louvado Abismo’s feverish intensity. 

Mixing the sound of Christian Death with Siouxsie and the Banshees, dusted with Godflesh, Louvado Abismo is simultaneously one of the most unnerving and entertaining releases I’ve heard this year. The contrast, according to the band, is a deliberate choice that embodies the terrifying journey to personal transformation through psychological disturbance. Their distinctive brand of grimy nostalgia is further enforced in the video for the opening track, also entitled “Louvado Abismo,” which glues together black-and-white clips that lean heavily into old-school horror movie aesthetics. 

The band explained the meaning behind the song:

“Delving into the depths of the human psyche, the lyrics reflect a search for serenity in the midst of chaos, an attempt to find inner peace, even in the darkest situations. 

The reference to the sea as a purifying element adds a symbolic layer, suggesting a journey of self-discovery and transformation through immersion in the turbulent waters of the mind, or even a purification ritual or preparation for a deep emotional dive.”

Whether you need to dance, cry, or rage, Louvado Abismo has your soundtrack. Pre-order the full album on their Bandcamp before it drops on May 31st. 

Bridget Hughes

Published a day ago