EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Azure Return Accompanied By "The Portent"

This is probably the post I have been most excited about since 2024 began.

14 days ago

This is probably the post I have been most excited about since 2024 began. If you've been reading my writing for the last several years, you probably know that very few bands have captured my ear and my imagination like Azure. Their fantastical, expansive, and ambitious progressive rock and metal hasn't been far from my rotation ever since I heard the marvelous Redtail back in 2018. Since then, I have had the pleasure to cover the band again and again, as they pushed their art into new heights of flamboyant expression. And so, here we stand again, at the precipice of a new Azure album and let me tell you, it is even grander and better than anything they've made before.

Fym is its name and it's hard to describe how much I love it. It takes Azure penchant for storytelling to a whole new level, diving deeper than ever before into the world of their lore. Magical swords, a harrowing quest, wondrous creatures, and more all blend into one epic tale. But Fym also sees Azure push their music harder than ever before, with some of their best guitar work, solos, riffs, bridges and all (which is saying something) and, of course, Christopher Sampson's masterful vocals. These take on some truly bizarre forms at some points on the album, lending it an avantgarde sheen that works really well with Azure's overall sound.

Lastly, it also has divine production, with many synths, pianos, strings, and other sounds all balanced to perfection. You can hear all of that on "The Portent", which I am beyond proud to be premiering here today. It's also especially touching giving that "The Portent" features none other than Redtail itself, including musical and lyrical callbacks to the track that started my relationship with Azure to begin with. Alright, I'm getting misty-eyed here so let's call it. Scroll on down below to listen to "The Portent" and don't forget to click on through to the band's Bandcamp page to pre-order Fym before it releases on May 23rd. Do yourself a favor and don't sleep on this one; it's going to be on 2024's best.

Eden Kupermintz

Published 14 days ago