Exclusive Premiere: Confront the Nightmares of Reality with Sentiment Dissolve

Rage against forced birthers with the newest single from brutal-prog-death band Sentiment Dissolve.

17 days ago

As we barrel into May and the second half of 2024 looms larger on the horizon, it begins to feel less bold to declare albums as likely favorites for the year. After a week of listening to Sentiment Dissolve’s upcoming debut album, I can comfortably place The Orwellian Dream among my most anticipated releases of 2024. 

Formed in 2021, Sentiment Dissolve unites members of Aepoch, Kavara, and Hell is Other People for a dystopian tour of the loud, the extreme, and the absurd. Smashing together brutal death metal, tech death, and progressive death metal, the Ontario-based quartet delivers a darkly surreal and explosive performance that channels sci-fi influences into a condemnation of anti-choice extremists. 

The opening track, “Forced Birther” is a 7-minute epic that injects slam and brutal death metal influences into progressive death. Jagged guitars careen into urgent melodies, then spiral into physics-defying riffs in a cacophonous journey into the terrifying reality of reproductive healthcare. The Orwellian Dream is satisfyingly pummeling and electrifyingly groovy, delivering a punishing nightmare. 

Sentiment Dissolve shared the gory inspiration behind the massive track: 

"We're thrilled to finally be dropping 'Forced Birther' into all your holes. This was the last song we wrote during the 'Orwellian Dream' sessions, with more of the brutal/slam influences we plan on leaning more towards in our future material.

"Lyrically, the song is about implanting a uterus into a pro-lifer until the offspring violently consumes its host. We wanted to turn the tables on the misogyny that's rampant in brutal death metal, and give anti-abortionists (or 'forced birthers' as we prefer to call them) a taste of their own medicine.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Remember: fuck forced birthers, kill them with their own seed."

Get an exclusive look at Sentiment Dissolve’s new single below.

The full album will be released on May 24th via CDN Records and can be pre-ordered here.  

Bridget Hughes

Published 17 days ago