Exclusive Premiere: Child Doesn't Give a Shite About Your Problems

Fuck your worries and listen to Shitegeist.

25 days ago


So begins Shitegeist, the second album from Stockholm’s own Child. Founded in 2015 by drummer Albin Sköld (Aardena) and guitarist Alex Stjernfeldt (Grand Cadaver), Child plays a toxic strain of grindcore infected by crust punk, death metal, and noise rock. If the open screams didn’t give it away, Shitegeist is not meant to be a fun album. This is a twisted, pummeling assault that obliterates everything in its path. Releasing tomorrow on Suicide Records, trve pessimists can listen to Shitegeist below. 

Compared to their debut album, Child distends their traditional grindcore sound on Shitegeist into longer, uglier anthems for nihilists. There’s an irresistible frenetic energy throughout, driven by abrasive performances from guitarists Stjernfeldt and Per Stålberg (Division of Laura Lee). Sköld pushes the pace to maddening gait, keeping the crust punk influences front-and-center as vocalist Jocke Lindström (The Grifted) punctuates the performance with death metal growls and punk shouts. Bassist Staffan Persson (Let Them Hang) grounds the entire firestorm in a ridiculously catchy groove, bringing an element of yes, fun to the “fuck it we’re doomed” dystopia of Shitegeist. This is the soundtrack for accepting the wasteland of our reality and returning to the mosh pit. Because who cares, really? Certainly not Child:

"We are more interested in wealth than equality. We are more interested in luxury and looking good on social media than to care about the nature and future. The political leaders fires up polarisation. War rages on and we kinda don’t care. New wars emerge and numbs us to the horrors, to famine and death. Humanity has reached the pinnacle of egoism. Welcome to the Shitegeist."

Fuck your worries and listen to the full album. 

Bridget Hughes

Published 25 days ago