Release Day Roundup: 12/1/23

2023 makes a valiant final stand, with new releases from Paradise Lost (sorta'), Panopticon, Unprocessed, Plini, Peter Gabriel, Full of Hell and Nothing, Cryptosis (kinda') and more.

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Top Pick

Unprocessed – "...And Everything in Between" (progressive/melodic tech-metal)

From the press release:

Inspired by the emotions conjured from their own personal experiences, Unprocessed have channeled raw visceral power through their musical talent to create their new album, 'and everything in between'. Never before could one have considered a band being likened to artists as extreme as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Polyphia, and Bring Me The Horizon, yet Unprocessed have done it. This is Futuristic Thrash Metal.

On ‘...and everything in between’, the band is bringing all the influences of their past and combining them into the next evolution of Unprocessed, while still adding new flavors and a bold style to the mix. Epic riffs with intricate licks and mind-bending rhythms, brutal breakdowns, epic guitar solos, and big and catchy choruses.

“Thrash” is the first single taken from the upcoming album—a bold and complex record pushing the boundaries of technical musicianship, song construction, sonic production, and more. The first single is the ultimate composite of everything Unprocessed has ever created, ranging from the style of [their] tracks on Covenant [2028] to Gold [2022], while adding brand new never explored elements to [their] style. The band hopes this song creates a moment for modern guitar playing and the innovation of new playing styles.

'...and everything in between' can quite literally be described as everything in between the extremes of life. Dealing with anger, sorrow, nostalgia, love, and fear - the album reflects on the different shades of a personality that we all grapple with (i.e. there is evil in everyone).

...couldn't have said it better myself. ;)

Release Roundup

Abandoned Humanity – Against All Odds (progressive melodeath)

Abduction – Toutes Blessent, la Dernière Tue (post-black metal)

Abyss Of Hel – Into The Abyss (symphonic death metal)

Abyssal Rift – Extirpation Dirge (blackened death-doom)

Aggression – Frozen Aggressors (death thrash)

Animalize – Angles Morts (​天​使​の​油​断​) (hairy speed metal)

Axenstar – Chapter VIII (power metal)

Behind the Throne – Tormentor (melodeath)

Beyond This Earth – Portraits Of The Absurd (sludgish doom metal)

Beyondition – Abysmal Night (death metal)

Binary Order – The Future Belongs To The Mad (electro metal)

Bjørkø – Heartrot (death metal, melodeath)

Black Hate – Via Pvrgativa… (weird blackened death metal)

Black Reuss – Arrival (goth doom)

Buried Shallow – Buried Shallow (shitty metalcore)

Cash Bribe – Escape From New York (hardcore punk)

Cobra Spell – 666 (hair metal)

Codeseven – Go Let It In (alt rock, emo)

The Company Corvette – Little Blue Guy (stoner rock)

Cryptosis – The Silent Call (prog/tech thrash)

Daemon Grey – Daemonic (bad goth metal)

Demoncy – Black Star Gnosis (blackish death metal)

Demons Of Noon – Death Machine (posty doom)

Dethroned – A Bridge To Eternal Darkness (blackened death metal)

Disorientation – Survival Mode (horny blackish metal)

Dune Pilot – Magnetic (stonerish rock)

Embrace Your Punishment – Made Of Stone (groove death, crossover)

Ensemble 1 – Delay Works (instrumental alt prog)

Ett Dödens Maskineri – Kulturkriget (blackened crust)

Extortionist – Devoid (melodic deathcore)

Fäust – At the Dawn of Life Demise (thrashy black metal)

Fierce Justice – Fireborn (prog metal)

Flames Of Fire – Our Blessed Hope (religious dudes rock)

Forsaken Art – Hypnagogia (dark ambient)

Full of Hell and Nothing – When No Birds Sang (post metal, grind-gaze?)

Godskill – III: Nazarene Sickness (doomy black metal)

Grau – Abseits Des Lichts (blackened death metal)

Greydon Fields – Otherworld (power thrash)

Hani Abadi – Tiamat (acoustic prog)

Hatred Reigns – Awaken The Ancients (death metal)

Helfró – Tálgröf (melo-blackened death metal)

Infernation – Dark Path of Renunciation (brutal blackened death metal)

Isospin – Aftermath Chronicles (prog metal)

Kriegszittern – Flamethrower (death doom)

Malicious – Merciless Storm (blackened disso-death)

Mind Control – Elements (progressive melodeath)

Necronemesis – Warfield Forever (poorly-produced death metal)

Ni – Fol Nais (instrumental math-rock/prog)

Nimrod B.C. – Legacy of the Dead (thrash)

Nornir – Skuld (black metal)

Oldest Sea – A Birdsong, A Ghost (folk doom)

Oniricous – Los Cultos del Ghoul (melodeath)

Oro – Vid Vägs Ände (post metal)

Panopticon – The Rime Of Memory (post black metal, folk)

Paradise Lost – Icon 30 (y tho?)

Peter Gabriel – I/O (prog rock)

Pharm – The Tower (grungey prog?)

Plini – Mirage (nu-prog)

Post Luctum – Seasons Grieving’s (melodeath-doom)

Prosperity Gospel – Society of the Spectral (blackened post-hardcore)

Reap – Born From Plague (brutal death metal)

Reign A.D./The Oracle – The Mountain Peaks of Prophecy (industrial noise, black metal)

Ron Coolen & Keith St John – Here To Stay (bad heavy metal)

Rubber Tea – From A Fading World (whimsical prog rock)

RüYYn – Chapter II: The Flames, the Fallen, the Fury (blackened death metal)

Skiltron – Bruadarach (power metal)

Soulprison – Lucid Nightmare (hardcore, metalcore)

Spell of Enchantress – Lost Prayers of Those Forever Gone (goth doom)

Stilleklang – Tranen Der Vergangenheit Pt. II (doomy black metal)

Super Pink Moon – Inertia (post-industrial)

Swansong – Awakening (melodeath)

Thunraz – Borderline (weird death metal/core)

Tom Vautour – Decimation (Instrumental Melodeath)

Ur – Stone Throwers (droney doom)

Vanguard – III: Pyrrhic Sequence (melodeath)

Varathron – The Crimson Temple (proggish black metal)

Voice of Ruin – Cold Epiphany (groove melodeath)

Walking Corpse – Our Hands, Your Throat (deathgrind)

Yermo – Yermo (progressive metal)


Joshua Bulleid

Published 3 months ago