Release Day Roundup: 11/24/23

2023 begins winding down, with new release from Strange New Dream, TodoMal, Maladie, Fawn Limbs & Nadja, Farsoth, The Breathing Process, Gnaw Their Tongues and more.

3 months ago

Top Picks

No top picks this week. TodoMal and Strange New Dream seemed promising at first, but didn't really hold up to closer scrutiny. There's also Fawn Limbs and Nadja, for those who like to music to sound like it's actively trying to murder them, but it's slim pickings otherwise.

Release Roundup

Absque Cor – No Zawsze Cieniem (post black metal)

AbyssTod – Torment and Death (black metal)

Aeolian – Echoes Of The Future (folky melodeath)

Æternum Sacro – Cielos prometidos, cielos clandestinos (doomy black metal)

Aldrig – Yağmur (sunbather-core)

Almost Honest – The Hex Of Penn’s Woods (stoner rock)

Alta Reign – Upon the Horizon (proggish rock/metal)

Beyond Grace – Welcome To The New Dark Ages: Part 1 (weird tech death)

Black Pyre – Fall of the Northern Kingdom (folkish black metal)

The Breathing Process – Todeskrone (symphonic deathcore)

Burden Of Grief – Destination Dystopia (melodeath)

Buziraco – Nightgazer (speed metal)

Carnivorous Forest – Dogs and Devils (death metal)

Celtibeerian – Nertos (thrashy folk metal)

Contorted – Deities Of Uncreation (tech death)

Convocation – No Dawn For The Caliginous Night (post doom)

Coven Japan – Earthlings (heavy/power metal)

The Crotals – Conjure (blackened sludge)

Cruciamentum – Obsidian Refractions (death metal)

Cultum Interitum – Sacrum Funeral (brutal black metal)

Deathcode Society – Unlightenment (blackened death metal)

Degenerator – The Abyssal Throne (stoner doom)

Deimler – Immortalized (death metal, melodeath)

Demogorgon – A Hate for All That Grows (black metal)

Destructor – Blood, Bone And Fire (speed metal, thrash)

Dreamwalkers Inc. – The First Tragedy Of Klahera (symphonic power-prog)

Emerald Rage – Valkyrie (thrash)

Everson Poe – The Tower (avant garde, backened slugde)

Farsoth – Morbid Symphonies (beath metal)

Fawn Limbs & Nadja – Vestigial Spectra (experimental post-death/core)

Fionn Legacy – Rise of the Windlord (power metal)

Fraught – Transfixed On Dying Light (very blackened death metal)

From North – Raven Banner (power metal, melodeath)

Future Static – Liminality (progressive metalcore)

Gnaw Their Tongues – The Cessation Of Suffering (weird noise)

Goaten – Midnight Conjuring (doomish heavy metal)

Headshot – …Makes Us Survive! (thrash)

Helga – Wrapped In Mist (post folk?)

Herzog – Furnace (black metal)

High Spirits – Safe On The Other Side (heavy metal)

A Hill To Die Upon – The Black Nativity (sad folk)

Hitten – While Passion Lasts (hair metal, cultural appropriation)

I Helvete – Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta (black metal, melodeath)

Impending Doom – Last Days (deathcore)

Infected Chaos – Conjuration Overture, Vanity Is Dawning (melodeath)

Infernal Angels – Shrine of Black Fire (back metal)

Kallomäki – Huunpurema (folk metal, melodeath)

Korgonthurus – Jumalhaaska (black metal)

Kvelgeyst – Blut, Milch und Thränen (weird blackened doom)

Laang – Riluo (doomy melodeath)

Leonov – Procession (posty prog metal)

Lords Of Ruin – Coda Revival (groove metal)

Maladie – For We Are The Plague (weird metal)

Malediction – The Soil Throne (death metal)

March To Die – Tears Of The Gorgon (heavy metal, melodeath)

Master’s Call – A Journey For The Damned (blackened death metal)

Mêlée des Aurores – Aube Cannibale (twinkly detah metal)

Midnight Odyssey – Biolume Part 3: A Fullmoon Madness (cosmic black metal)

Morbid Sacrifice – Ceremonial Blood Worship (death doom)

Narbo Dacal – Elysium Now (weird prog sludge)

One Master – The Names Of Power (black metal)

Ophanim – Tämpelskläng (posty black metal)

Ossuary – Stellar Annihilation (death metal)

Paradogmata – Endetid (black metal)

Pessimystic – Burnt Offering (proggy blackened death metal)

Pincer+ – Hunting God Tapes Vol. 2: Romance (hardcore, metalcore)

Rainburn – Vignettes (prog rock/metal)

Sadism – Obscurans (blackened death metal)

Sammale – Finno-Ugric (spooky doom)

Secret Rule – UNinVERSE (symphonic power metal)

Serpents Oath – Revelation (blackened death metal)

Shatterface – Anodize (hahaha, no)

Sigh Of Defeat – Immortal Black Flame (dissodoom)

Silent Angel – Unyielding, Unrelenting (dudettes and dudes rock!)

Silent Tiger – Twist Of Fate (pop rock, AOR)

Silverbones – Brethren of the Coast (power metal)

SLM – Kreislauf (progressive black metal)

Slodder – A Mind Designed To Destroy Beautiful Things (sludge)

Sol – Promethean Sessions (weird prog doom)

Sort Sind – I Skyggen af Livet (black metal)

Strange New Dawn – New Nights Of Euphoria (weird blackened prog doom)

Strike – Break the Chains (heavy metal, punk)

Sunmancer – Nothing Ever Happens (metalcore)

Swords Of Dis – Melencolia (weird blackened doom)

Tariot – Drag Me To Hell (hardcore, metalcore)

Temple Of Scorn – Funeral Altariphanies (death metal)

Tenebro – Ultime grida dalla giungla (brutal death metal)

Thronehammer – Kingslayer (doom metal)

To Octavia – Wonderland (pop metalcore)

Todomal – A Greater Good (prog doom)

Tweedledead – Infernotes (death metal)

The Uncrowned – Stopover: Dedicated to Shal (power metal)

Underdark – Managed Decline (post-black metal)

Valdrin – Throne Of The Lunar Soul (blackened power metal)

Void Below – World Undone (blackened death-doom)

Weeping Silence – Isles Of Lore (prog doom)

Wet Cactus – Magma Tres (stoner metal)

Wicked Maraya – Chapters (alt rock/metal)

Zahn – Adria (post rock)


Joshua Bulleid

Published 3 months ago