Release Day Roundup: 22/9/23

Quantity over quality this week, with new releases from Cannibal Corpse, Kylie Minogue, KEN Mode, Heart of a Coward, Anna Pest, 3Teeth, Acausal Intrusion, The National, Wormhole, Slayyyter and so many more.

10 months ago

No top picks this weeks. I was going to write up that Slayyyter album, but I'm tired and it's late and I only really like half of it anyway. Elsewhere the releases are pretty uninspiring, the new Kylie Minogue (the follow-up to my first ever top pick ever) starts strong but quickly tails off into a bunch of ill-fitting Carly Rae Jepsen and Charli XCX offcuts, that sixteenth Cannibal Corpse album seems to have finally proven that I really don't need any more of those, and the 3Teeth record is just plain junk, no matter how much Mick Gordon they want to cram into it. Those are the ones I was looking forward to, and everything else seems to be topping out at around just "fine". So I don't know, take your pick, there's plenty to choose from.

Release Roundup

Abominated – Traumatic Putrefaction (death metal)

Acausal Intrusion – Panpsychism (weird blackened death metal)

Acid Mass – Agonizer (death thrash)

Angel Rising – Afterlife (brutal death metal)

Anima Hereticae – Descended From The Mountains (blackened melodeath)

Annisokay – Abyss Pt 1 (prog metalcore)

Apex Of Devastation – Apex Of Devastation (deathcore)

Apostolica – Animae Haeretica (power metal)

Aset – Astral Rape (black metal)

Ash Prison – Future Torn (industrial black metal)

Bad As – Fight The Demons (heavy metal)

Bekor Qilish – The Flesh Of A New God (progressive blackened death metal)

Bonfire – MMXXIII (heavy metal)

Brainscanner – Slow Evolution (doom sludge)

Bruce Soord – Luminescence (chill prog, post rock)

Bulletbelt – Burn It Up (death thrash)

By Fire And Sword – Glory (trad metal)

Cannibal Corpse – Chaos Horrific (death metal)

Cerebrium – The Happiest Days (black metal, melodeath)

Chaos Control – The Legacy Within (power metal)

Chaver – In Gloom (blackened death metal)

Conspiracy Of Blackness – Pain Therapy (modern metal)

Crawl/Feral – Made as Those Who Are No Longer Alive (death metal)

Crazy Mad Ride – Life, Liberty, Death (thrash)

Cruel Force – Dawn Of The Axe (trad thrash)

Damian Hamada’s Creatures – 運命の支配者 (power metal)

Dayshell – Pegasus (metalcore)

Day to Day Life of the Nazgûl – Ledges (post-ish black metal)

Dead Feathers – Full Circle (progressive stoner, post rock)

Deadspace – Unveiling The Palest Truth (brutal black metal)

Death Dealer Union – Initiation (heavy metal)

Destabilizer – Violence Is The Answer! (thrash)

Domino Drive – Smoke And Mirrors (melodic metal, production value)

Dungeon – Into The Ruins (death thrash)

Dying Embers – Of Things To Come (brutal death metal)

Earthblood – Earthblood (death metal)

Enmity – Demagoguery (death metal)

Equivocator – Equivocator (progressive metal, crossover?)

Exorcizphobia – Spiritual Exodus (thrash)

Farscape – Purged And Forgotten (shitty thrash)

Feral/Crawl – Made As Those Who Are Already Alive (death metal)

Final Gasp – Mourning Moon (doomy goth metal)

Freya – Fight As One (hardcore, metalcore)

Geist – Blueprints To Moderate Sedation (crusty grindcore)

Gøren – Summon (fuzzy doom)

Grails – Anches En Maat (post-rock, experimental rock)

Grift – Dolt Land (folk)

Grim Ravine – Upon The Darkest Shores (sludge doom)

Guilt Trip - Severance (hardcore, metalcore)

Grymheart – Hellish Hunt (power metal, melodeath)

Hammerfilosofi – The Desolate One (blackened death metal)

Hands Of Orlac – Hebetudo Mentis (doom metal/rock)

Haurun – Wilting Within (ppost stoner metal)

Heart Of A Coward – This Place Only Brings Death (Bury Your Dead-core)

Hertz Kankarok  – Gothic Materialism (gothic prog death)

Hexvessel – Polar Veil (folk doom)

Hjemsøkt – Mystikk & Mørke (doomy black metal)

The Holy Ghost – Ignore Alien Orders (jangly alt metal)

Imperium – When Kings Meet (thrash)

Infibulated – Diabolical Euphoric Subjugation (brutal death metal)

Interemo – Buried In Rotten Remains (death metal)

KEN Mode – Void (progressive hardcore)

Kerrigan – Bloodmoon (heavy metal, thrash)

Kill Devil Hill – Seas Of Oblivion (grunge metal)

Kings Rot – At the Gates of Adversarial Darkness (blackened death metal)

Kylie Minogue – Tension (dance pop)

Lacrau – Axioma (black metal)

Magnitudo – Scotoma (death sludge)

Melan Selas – Zephyrean Hymns (black metal)

Mercenary – Soundtrack To The End Of Times (melodic metal, melodeath)

The Moth – Frost (doom metal)

Mouse on the Keys - Pointillism (nu-jazz, post-rock)

MY HAIR IS A RAT’S NEST – Tornado Siren (screamo, post-hardcore)

My Lament – The Season Came Undone (doom)

Mythologik – Mythologik (groove thrash)

The National – Laugh Track (indie rock, chamber pop)

Neckbolt – Dream Dump (weird rock)

Necrotted – Imperium (death metal, melodeath)

Never Obey Again – The End Of An Eera (modern metal)

Noctomb – Noctomb (blackened death metal)

Oni – The Silver Line (metalcore)

Orbiter – Hollow World (chill doom)

Ôros Kaù – Thanatos (brutal blackened dissodeath)

Our Last Enemy – As Within So Without (industrial)

Outrun The Day – Burden (stoner sludge)

Permutation – Transience (folky blackened melodeath)

Porkfarm – Disfiguring Humanity (death metal)

Profanatica – Crux Simplex (death metal)

Proliferhate – Wake Before the Dying Sun (progressive melodeath)

Rebaelliun – Under The Sign Of Rebellion (death metal)

Reckless – Sharp Magick Steel (speed metal, thrash)

Rising Wings – Reach (hardish rock)

Ristridi – Dark Solstice (powerful melodeath)

Rockett Love – Galactic Circus (dudes rock)

Rocky’s Pride & Joy – All The Colours Of Darkness (fuzzy doom)

Samurai Pizza Cats – You're Hellcome (metalcore, deathcore)

Skardus – Stormriek (blackened death metal)

Slayyyter – Starfucker (dance pop)

Solautumn – Inumanazione (gothic doom)

Solipnosis – Sintesis Silenciosa (weird black thrash)

Solus Grief – What If This Was Everything (black metal)

Son ov Leviathan – Lvcifugium (gothic black metal)

Spook The Beast – Guided By The Second Sun (sludge)

Spurve – Brefjaere (post-metal, Bjork-core?)

Starbenders – Take Back the Night (hard rock, goth rock)

Starlit Melancholy – To Wilt Beneath The Stars (twinkly black metal)

Stone Of Duna – Moonsplitter (progressive stoner doom)

Subsignal – A Poetry of Rain (chill prog)

Suffer Yourself – Axis Of Tortures (doom death)

3Teeth – EndEx (industrial metal)

Torture Squad – Devilish (death metal)

Traindodge – The Alley Parade (post prog)

Tyranex – Reasons For The Slaughter (thrash)

Uhritulet – Uhritulet (black metal)

Various – Blast No. 1: Blastbeat Tribute To Type O Negative (sludgy grindcore)

Vengeance – Sewer Surge (speed metal, thrash)

Winterstorm – Everfrost (power metal)

Wolves At The Gate – Lost In Translation (bad covers of bad songs)

Wormhole – Almost Human (brutal prog death)

Zvylpwkua – The Outlying Entities (weird death metal)

Joshua Bulleid

Published 10 months ago