Release Day Roundup: 5/26/23

Rounding up new releases from Legion of the Damned, Immortal, Mournful Congregation, Victory Over the Sun, A Constant Knowledge of Death, Mesarthim, Vomitory, The Dirty Nil, Usnea, Kostnatění, Metal Church and more.

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Legion Of The Damned – The Poison Chalice (blackened death thrash)

There's a lot of cool, progressive metal out today, including stuff we've covered on the blog already, like A Constant Knowledge of Death and Victory Over the Sun. Personally though, I'm in the mood for something a little more straight forward and Legion of the Damned's perfectly balanced blend of black, death and thrash metal is hitting the spot nicely. This is an album where the highlight is titled "Beheading the Godhead" for Christ's sake and while The Poison Chalice doesn't quite live up to the lofty bar set by the band's previous two records but it still provides solid evidence that they're one of the more underrated genre acts out there.

The Dutch outfit have also upped the blackened element of their sound on this one, with a lot of the riffing and vocal lines bringing to mind mid-period Immortal and Abbath's early solo outings. In many ways, this album is a more suitable, ambitious and successful follow-up to All Shall Fall (2009) and Northern Chaos Gods (2018) than the fine but forgettable Immortal album out today as well. While the riffs are still the main focus, there's a bit more adventurous shown in their composition and the album's thematic coherence.

My only criticism is that this seems to be one of those albums I find a lot more compelling if you switch it around, so it starts with "Retaliation"and the rest of the second half and then looping it back around through the first part so that it builds up to the climactic double-feature of "Skulls Adorn the Traitor's Gate" and "Behold the Beyond", but I imagine most other listeners with an inclination for this brand of aggression-forward extreme metal perfectly palatable as is.

Release Roundup

Anarchÿ – Retching Necropolis (prog thrash, tech thrash)

Arrival Of Autumn – Kingdom Undone (melodeathcore)

Balance Breach – Abyzmal (metalcore)

Black Viper – Volcanic Lightning (speed metal, thrash)

Blood Nightmare – Pillars of Chaos (prog thrash)

Bolverk – Svarte Sekunder (death metal)

Breath of Wind – Sunset Rays (instrumental post black metal)

Carry the Torch – Delusion (melodeath)

Cenobite – Torment Your Flesh and Explore the Limits of Experience (subtlety)

Church of the Dead – Beyond Death (death metal)

Cloak – Black Flame Eternal (riffy black metal)

A Constant Knowledge of Death – DISSECTING A ONE-WINGED BIRD (progressive post dissodeath)

Convictors – Taratos (blackened death metal)

Delyria – III: Oracles and Tentacles (groovy death thrash)

dEmotional – Scandinavian Aftermath (butt core)

The Dirty Nil – Free Rein To Passions (alt rock)

Dishonour – Erasing The Rats (blackened death metal)

Disillusive Play – Songs For The Non-Existent (heavy metal)

Distorted Force – Angelic Bloodshed (melodeath)

Dodsferd and Sarvok – Asphyxiating Late Night Sessions (acoustic DSBM)

Dratna – Fomóraigh (black metal)

Elegant Weapons – Horns For A Halo (heavy metal, thrash)

Elohims Sterne – Seraphim (industrial Black metal)

Ethereal Void – Gods of a Dead World (symphonic death metal)

Evil Brain Taste – Number Two (shitty goregrind)

The Foreshadowing – Forsaken Songs (goth metal)

G.N.L.S. – Conspiracy Of Thoughts (depressive blackened post doom)

Garoted – Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages (death metal)

Ǥứŕū – Nova Lvx (blackened prog doom)

Immortal – War Against All (black metal)

In Tears – Stars Caught Tonight (sad blackgase)

Incendiary – Change The Way You Think About Pain (hardcore, metalcore)

Inherus – Beholden (post doom)

itSELF – The Absence (prog death)

Jaaw – Supercluster (industrial)

Kalmah – Kalmah (melodeath)

Kings Never Die – All The Rats (hardcore)

Kostnatění – Úpal (blackend dissodeath)

Lee Small – The Last Man On Earth (AOR)

Lightchapter – Time To Obey (melodeath)

Liquid Flesh – Dolores (death metal)

Loose Sutures – Sado Sex For Dummies (stoner metal, desert rock)

Mesarthim – Arrival (progressive blackgaze)

Metal Church – Congregation Of Annihilation (heavy metal, thrash)

The Mon – Eye (weird psychedleic ambient)

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION – The Exuviae of Gods – Part II (funeral doom)

Nattverd – I Helvetes Forakt (black metal)

Nibiru – Anamorphosis (noisy progressive black metal)

Oceanlord – Kingdom Cold (stoner doom)

Ockra – Gratitude (doom folk)

Olkoth – At The Eye of Chaos (blackened death metal)

Open Kasket – Blood Moon (deathcore)

Oryad – Sacred & Profane (symphonic metal)

Phlebotomized – Clouds of Confusion (twinkly death metal)

A Pretext To Human Suffering – Endless Cycle Of Suffering (brutal death metal)

Prion Son – Silver Mountain Ascent (nu metalcore)

PsychoStar – Enigmatic (doom)

Reasons Behind – Architecture of an Ego (electro metal)

Ruim – Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino da Igreja (black metal)

S.U.P. – Octa (melodeath)

Sarvekas – Woven Dark Paths (black metal)

Seven Impale – Summit (jazz doom)

Shy, Low – Babylonica (post metal)

The Silent Rage – Nuances Of Life (power thrash)

Sirenia – 1977 (symphonic power metal)

Speedwhore – Visions of a Parallel World (poorly produced death thrash)

Stormage – Ashes of Doom (power metal)

Strange Horizon – Skur 14 (doom)

Suffering Quota – Collide (grindcore)

Teitan – In Oculus Abyss (weird dissodeath)

Trespass – Wolf At The Door (heavy metal)

Trold – Der Var Engang... (folk metal)

Troller – Drain (atmosynth)

Under Attack – Fury of the Thunder God (thrash)

Usnea – Bathed in Light (sludgey death doom)

Vampyroteuthis Infernalis – Vampyroteuthis Infernalis (weird black metal)

Vermilion Whiskey – Crimson & Stone (stoner metal)

Vexing – Grand Reproach (sludge death)

Victory Over the Sun – Dance You Monster To My Soft Song! (progressive black metal, blackgaze)

Violent Sin – Serpent’s Call (black thrash)

Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll (death metal)

Vonavibe – Bleed To Life (melodic butt rock)

Vorder – False Haven (blackened doom)

Walk With Titans – Olympian Dystopia (power metal, thrash)

The Way Of Purity – The Order Of The Deep Roots (posty goth doom)

Whythre – Impregnate My Hate (prog death)

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