The Cinder Well Interview

When Cinder Well announced a new album, Cadence, I thought I'd speak with Amelia herself about history, folks, songwriting, metal, and more!

Back in 2020, Cinder Well (the stage name of one Amelia Baker) burst into our hearts with No Summer, an eerily bleak, effective, and beautiful album. The project's flavor of "doom folk" immediately imprinted itself upon many of our ears, even becoming a staple for me and one of my most listened to albums. It was easy then to get Amelia to write a guest list for the blog and to continue to closely follow her career. Therefore, when she announced a new album, Cadence, for release later this year, I was immediately all over it. This time around, intrigued by what I could already hear changing with the new singles, I thought I'd speak with Amelia herself!

What followed is a super intriguing conversation about politics, memory, history, song-writing, the ever resurging folk music scene, lyrical themes, metal, and much more! I most enjoyed speaking with Amelia about the overlaps between her music and metal, as well as diving deeper into the spaces between folk, history, and contemporary politics and mental states.

When you're done listening, make sure you also check out the first few singles from Cadence, Cinder Well's upcoming album, and head on over to pre-order it from Bandcamp!

The Cinder Well Interview
Eden Kupermintz

Published a year ago