EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: "DEATHTRIPPA SZN" Brings The Cybergrind Revival To Fever Pitch

New Zealand's DEATHTRIPPA reinvents the cybergrind wheel on new EP DEATHTRIPPA SZN.

There are magical things happening in underground music spaces these days. Some of the wildest, most fresh and original music is constantly being iterated and shared between friends and collaborators the world over. This true digital melting pot of style and influence has made its mark in every genre, certainly, but none so much as the world of cybergrind.

What was once a genre full of grindcore bands toying with drum machines and chiptune synths has evolved into a full-spectrum marriage of everything heavy, noisy, electronic, and fun. Labelmates Bejalvin recently stunned with their progressive dubstep-gone-deathcore opus Bejible, but New Zealand's DEATHTRIPPA has just as many uncanny twists and bouncy turns to throw at you in a fraction of the time on new EP DEATHTRIPPA SZN.

DEATHTRIPPA, the moniker adopted by solo artist Ian Moore, approaches cybergrind from the realms of hardcore and emo rap, barreling through breakbeats and breakdowns with manic delivery and unmatched energy. It's almost impossible to pinpoint specific influences, as DEATHTRIPPA SZN runs the gamut from Black Tongue beatdown to The Prodigy worship to west coast gangster rap and everything in between in the blink of an eye.

Winter is over. It's DEATHTRIPPA SZN now. Stream the full EP early right here, and when in doubt:

Calder Dougherty

Published a year ago