Heavy Blog Guest List // Kyle Schaefer of Fallujah

One thing I definitely did not have on my bingo card for 2022 (as the kids say) is that one of my musical internet friends will join Fallujah.

One thing I definitely did not have on my bingo card for 2022 (as the kids say) is that one of my musical internet friends will join Fallujah. But that's exactly what happend when Kyle Schaefer (AKA Archeologist, a great progressive metal project I've covered on the blog several times) was announced as the band's new vocalist. For them to go on and release one of my favorite albums of 2022 and my favorite Fallujah album to date is the cherry on top of Schaefer's success. It is incredibly well deserved since he is, in order of importance, a great guy, a really hard-working musician, and a fantastic vocalist.

Therefore, when it was time to gather up these guest lists, reaching out to Kyle was an absolute no-brainer. And so, you have this list which contains albums Kyle found through the blog's Facebook group (Heavy Group is Heavy, come join us), stalwarts of the metal genre, and personal favorites like Wilderun and Cyborg Octopus. Read on below for all of his picks and don't forget to check out both Fallujah and Archeologist!

1. OU - One
I had a hard time arranging my top three picks for this list since they’re all pretty much tied, but in the end I gave OU the number one spot for coming out of nowhere and making some of the most unique music I’ve heard in a long time. And funny enough, I actually found them in the Heavy Blog facebook group! There are so many special moments on this strangely beautiful record, and Lynn’s vocal melodies get stuck in my head all the time even despite the difference in language. I’m very excited to see what they do next.

2. The Mars Volta - The Mars Volta

It’s so good to have these guys back. Despite its seemingly tame and stripped-down approach, this album still boasts amazing performances, tons of clever details, and the angriest lyrics Cedric has ever put down. It’s so clear that this band was genuinely inspired to rise from their grave and defy expectations yet again.

3. Soreption - Jord

Brace yourself for thirty minutes of pure stankface. This album has literally made me chuckle to myself out loud from the absurdity of its grooves. Just listen to the first thirty seconds and you’ll see what I mean.

4. Meshuggah - Immutable

I don’t think it’s Meshuggah’s BEST album, but it doesn’t even need to be. This band is a fucking treasure and Immutable is more than worthy of their name.

5. Cyborg Octopus - Between the Light and Air

Am I biased because these guys are my friends and I’ve helped them play these songs live a few times? Probably. Either way, this album is great and I’m very glad that it’s finally seen the light of day. “The Projector” is my favorite track, with the buildup near the end being especially noteworthy!

6. Wilderun - Epigone
7. Arkaik - Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts
8. Warforged - The Grove | Sundial
9. Tipper - Marble Hunting
10. Young The Giant - American Bollywood

Honorable mention:

Dora the Destroyer - Trinity EP

Eden Kupermintz

Published a year ago