Release Day Roundup

Rounding up new(ish) releases from Rotting Christ, The Furor, Misþyrming, Little Simz and Arche, among others.

a year ago

Top Pick

The Furor – Head Full Of Hell (thrashy black metal)

The Furor's output has been pretty uneven since their brilliantly titled and extremely campily covered second effort Advance Australia Warfare in 2005. The equally ridiculous Head Full of Hell seems to be the now-one-man's strongest effort in some time, blending their usual brutal black metal assault with an accentuated thrash metal edge that occasionally dips into rudimentry tech-thrash territory as well. Head Full of Hell is not a deep album—at all. Nevertheles, it remains an extremely entertaining and exhilirating listen and goes to show that, sometimes, it's best not to over-think things.

Release Roundup

Arche – Transitions (funeral doom)

Barren – I (grindcore)

Bloodclot – Souls (hardcore, crossover)

Dungeon Crawl & Throne of Iron – The Side Quest (death thrash, trad metal)

Elendige – La Grande Peur (dissonant death doom)

Gusoh – (weird death metal, goth rock)

Heartland – From Midland And Beyond (power metal)

Hellish – The Dance Of The Four Elemental Serpents (black thrash, death thrash)

Jonathan Hultén – The Forest Sessions (goth)

Krvna – For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh (black metal)

Kuthah – Abyssal Realms and Rulers (blackened death metal, goth doom)

Laurent Rinaldi – Out Of This World (prog shred)

Little Simz – No Thank You (hip hop, R’n’B)

Mare Infinitum – Cryosleep (prog doom)

Mos Generator – Time//Wounds (prog rock)

Oceanhorse – Carved in Stone (heavy metal, alt metal)

Rotten Coffin – The Agony In Slumber (death metal)

Rotting Christ – The Apocryphal Spells, Vol. 1 (hellenic black metal)

Sleepless Empire – Sleepless Empire (progressive metal)

Vanguardian – Vanguardian – II: The Heretic (progressive death metal)

Vented – Cruelty And Corruption (nu metal, groove metal)

The Wring – Spectra (prog rock)

...And that's it for this year, I think. There doesn't seem to be much slated for release over the holidays and I need a break, so RDR will absent for a few weeks and then back on Jan 6 to kick off 2023 and round up anything we missed in the interrim.

Joshua Bulleid

Published a year ago