EXCLUSIVE: One-Man Avant Garde Machine The Sound That Ends Creation Unveils Irreverent New Video "Tesla Stock Cured My Erectile Dysfunction"

Texas Avant Garde / mathcore project The Sound That Ends Creation returns with wild and whacky new EP this November, and we've got a new music video for you.

2 years ago

We've watched over the years as Texas multi-instrumentalist Chris Dearing take his mathcore project The Sound That Ends Creation from humble false grind beginnings to increasingly bizarre avant garde metal with Mr. Bungle-isms like slapstick piano-pounding and synthetic horn sections to go with all of the impossible machine-drumming and percussive guitar abuse.

With each passing release, Dearing gets even more untethered and irreverent (and increasingly political!), and his upcoming new EP Unicorn Laser Bubblegum City promises to be the most insane collection of tracks he's released thus far. The five-track EP drops November 4th – just in time for Election Day! – and features tracks with titles such as "Bernie Sanders Is A Hot Piece Of Ass" and "Ben Shapiro Can't Handle This WAP", taking us back to the Golden Era of absurd post-ironic whatevercore of the mid 2000's and early 2010's. iwrestledabearonce walked so that The Sound That Ends Creation could shit running at full speed like Raab Himself in the classic CKY 3 video.

We're stoked to unveil the new music video for the EP's first single, "Tesla Stock Cured My Erectile Dysfunction." It's easily one of the most bizarre music videos ever conceived – a gish-gallop of memes and found video assets colliding at random. See for yourself below:

Pre-orders for Unicorn Laser Bubblegum City will be dropping October 07th this Bandcamp Friday, with a killer merch spread which includes jogging pants, a windbreaker, and a randomly colored limited 12" vinyl. Get a sneak peak of the spread below, and hit up The Sound That Ends Creation on Bandcamp and Facebook for more info on the pre-order and merch drop.

Jimmy Rowe

Published 2 years ago