Any announcement by Dawnwalker, the British UK band who have self-described in the past as “green metal”, is met in the blog’s inner circles by cheers and excitement. Whether dabbling in the kind of melancholic folk rock that characterized their early career or unfurling the banners of expansive and progressive black metal like they did on 2020’s Ages, Dawnwalker’s are experts at creating intricate and unique albums. This definitely appears to be the case with House of Sand, their upcoming release planned for August 19th.

As “The Coming Forth By Day”, the track we are honored to premiere today, shows, Dawnwalker are set to continue exploring and configuring their unique take on music. The track is replete with their humid, cloying style of riffing, drawing plenty of tonal influence from shoegaze, alongside ethereal clean vocals and explosively abrasive screams. The track’s visualizer, especially when taken alongside the album’s cover art, gives off that pastoral and melancholic feel that Dawnwalker have always deployed alongside their music, turning their releases into multi-modal experiences instead of “just” musical ones.

But the music on “The Coming Forth By Day” and, indeed, House of Sand in general is also excellent. It’s a far weirder and more bewildering album and the track speaks to that as well: it seems divided between its harmonious, melodic, and shimmering side, the cloying heaviness of its main chords, and the ragged cries of its harsh vocals. The way they blend with the clean vocals near the middle of the track is achingly beautiful and achingly Dawnwalker, the band exercising the exquisite sense of balance that has been their signature move since their first album. The result is what we’ve come to expect from Dawnwalker: something challenging and wholly unique.

Make sure you head on over to the project’s Bandcamp to pre-order this release. It’s one of our more anticipated releases from the second half of 2022.

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