Dust Off Your Chops With Polly From FES And “Sun Visor”

Alright, you know those songs that just bring a smile to your face as you they start playing? That was my experience with FES‘s “Sun Visor” and, to be

2 years ago

Alright, you know those songs that just bring a smile to your face as you they start playing? That was my experience with FES‘s “Sun Visor” and, to be honest, every other track I’ve heard from them since then. The UK group play the kind of upbeat math-rock/guitar-pop that I’ve come to associated with the fantastic Small Pong Records and, what do you know, the group have also recently released a live session hosted at the very same group. But we have for you today is a bit different, since I was too slow on the uptake and happened to miss the window to premiere that afore-mentioned live session. But fret not (get it?) because the video we have today for you is just as special (if not more so).

It’s a guitar breakdown of “Sun Visor” by Polly from the band! So, if you’re a guitar player looking to pick up a cool new chorus, or, like me, just a fan of listening to musicians talk about their music and how it plays, head on below to check out this fascinating, and charming, video.

Really does what it says on the tin, doesn’t it? You might be wondering why I’d find this video so good if I don’t play guitar myself. It honestly comes down to what I mentioned above: it’s really fascinating to me to see musicians describe their music and try to break it down for others. For example, in this video, Polly has some interesting things to say about meter, the way she thinks about the structure of the track, and its energy. It’s also just a really brilliant chorus so this is another “excuse” (as if I need any) to jam it several more times.

Oh, and we also got the chance to ask Polly about her top five influences as a guitar player. That’s always interesting when speaking to technical bands, as you can see the “ligaments” of how their very unique style of music came to life. Ligaments! Listen to me ramble. Over to Polly:

Simon Neil is probably one of my first introductions into the world of math-rock guitar from way back when I discovered ‘Puzzles’. His off the wall style of writing mixed with structured chord progressions definitely hit home with me and is a tactic I swear by in own guitar writing.

Delta Sleep always find ways to influence me. Their use of tapping inspired me to practise this technique and utilise it in ‘With Regards From Home’. I would rarely tap before since it was one of my weaker skills, but I was determined to get better.

Blakfish’s ‘Champions’ has always been one of my favourite albums of all time. They have a huge influence on our song ‘Force Feed’. Particularly the introduction! When writing it we said let’s just make a blakfish breakdown and voila!

Fish Tank have been an influence since the conception of FES. Their mix of pop and mathrock riffs was a huge inspiration behind our main single ‘Clarinet’.

Natalie Evans was there for me when I couldn’t write anything at all! Whilst stuck in a funk writing on my electric guitar, Natalie Evans’ album ‘Better At Night’ inspired our one acoustic track on the album ‘See Through’. My favourite song I’ve ever written!

And there you have it! Don’t forget to check out the, frankly brilliant, new release from FES down on their Bandcamp page below and head on over here to check out that live session from Small Pond. Good stuff! Summer is here! Bouncy math-rock! Stay sharp.

Eden Kupermintz

Published 2 years ago