It takes something truly special to make me write a news piece these days because I just don’t like to write them! I don’t! But something truly special is about to happen as the absolute babes/chads over at Mathcore Index (if you are unfamiliar/don’t follow them, you are confirmed as a beta loser) are making their festival happen once again. Beyond just the swell people that make this festival happen, check out this absolutely incredible line-up: Black Matter Device, Gif from God, Snooze, The Central, Dischordia, The Sound That Ends Creation, Lower Automation and more! Like, a few more really excellent bands which I just didn’t put on here for brevity’s sake.

Now, I know we have plenty readers in Chicago and the general area, so please do me a favor and attend this if you’re within a reasonable distance (I will leave “reasonable” up to your interpretation, I’m just saying that flying is totally valid and awesome). Here’s the poster below with all the details. Do it! Go to Mathcore Index fest! The world is a lie! Buy a t-shirt! Burn a bank! Mosh in a pit! Stalk an oil company executive! Listen to some riffs!

Or, you know, just buy some tickets and go to the show. I’m not your fucking boss. Day 1 tickets here. Day 2 tickets here.