I fully count Molten Chains‘ 2020 release, Torment Enshrined, as one of the most underrated metal releases of the last few years. Melding thrash, black, and heavy metal into one incomprehensibly vicious and buzzsaw-sharp release, the album and, indeed, the band as a whole, is not an easy pill to swallow. The vocals are redolent with the epic vibes of early heavy metal, while the instrumentation is as dedicated to experimentation and agility as it is to extreme, no holds barred heaviness. As such, I was incredibly excited to hear that the band were gearing up for another album, Orisons of Vengeance, and even more excited to get to the premiere the album in full. It’s an even harsher and more vicious vision of the Molten Chains sound so head on down below to get your face blown off!

God damn. From the first moments of the album you can hear the changes which Molten Chains made to the basic formula: first, the vocals are shriller, even more steeped in a sort of sword & sorcery ferocity that evokes the cries of Moorcock’s The Eternal Champion and heavy metal’s first accursed years as a genre. The instrumentation leans even harder into the thrash influences, creating the breakneck riffs that power tracks like “Bedeviled by Sorrow” or “Crimson Equinox”. The latter is probably my favorite track from the album; I love the epic spoken word section that opens it, how the main riff of the track explodes into action and its sweeping chorsues. Like the previous release however, there’s plenty more to explore on the album, from black metal growls, through mighty solos, and all the way to unrelenting blast-beats.

Overall, Orisons of Vengeance is yet another excellent release from one of the unsung standard bearers of the true spirit of heavy metal, a spirit dedicated to explosive power but also to musicality and free expression. Hopefully, this release, which drops in two days, on the 6th of May, garners the band the recognition they deserve. Until then, we will continue to salute their absolute dedication to heavy music and keep jamming this absolutely monstrous album – and so can you! Head on over to the band’s Bandcamp page to pre-order it ahead of its Friday release.