Is the band’s name a dig at Gojira‘s Flying Whales? I didn’t think to ask, so we might never know but what we do know is that Whales Don’t Fly play an incredibly satisfying sort of melodic heavy metal, tinged with a thrash-y, buzz-saw sort of intensity that draws comparisons to Trivium. Things are a bit more epic than that though and can even get more intricate, driven by the combo of the clean vocals with the harsh and the extremely agile bass. You can hear all of that happening on “A Journey’s End”, which comes to us off of the band’s upcoming album, The Golden Sea. Scroll down below to check it out!

Damn fine, if I may say so myself. I love how the main guitar riff comes off as ponderous, taking its time to articulate its heavy metal, but it also has this kick to the end of its cycle, suddenly turning faster and more aggressive. The harsh vocals utilize that increase in tempo to scream out the ends of each verse, which works incredibly well with the more clean vocals dominated chorus. And please pay close attention to the bass and listen to it go; it’s by far the most intricately composed instrument which is a really interesting touch, adding plenty of texture and articulation to the track. The end result feels progressive and interesting without losing any of the buoyancy which its more epic elements require.

If you like what you hear, and honestly why wouldn’t you, The Golden Sea released on the 7th of February and you can grab it right here.

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