EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Let Mother Iron Horse Rock You “Under the Blood Moon”

Oh baby, it’s time for some big ol’ riffs! Sometimes, all you want is to rock the fuck out, right? You know what I’m talking about: your job

3 years ago

Oh baby, it’s time for some big ol’ riffs! Sometimes, all you want is to rock the fuck out, right? You know what I’m talking about: your job sucks, people are annoying, and the [insert everyday gadget here] just keep breaking down. You want to rage. You want massive guitars that will take that rage and amplify it. You want vocals to scream alongside with. You want drums to match the beating pulse of red that is even now moving through your abdomen, bubbling up in a primal scream. No? Just me? Oh well, more kick-ass for me then. But in case someone out there is also in that mood, look no further than Mother Iron Horse for your heart’s relief. These Salem based riff-aficionados take good ol’ stoner metal and splice with vocals that are way heavier than they have any right to be, creating a sort of uranium-infused take on Clutch that should worm its way right into your heart and have it way with it. Alright, enough nonsense; time for riffs! Scroll down below for “Under the Blood Moon” and I’ll say you after.

Who knew that taking “classic” stoner/sludge vocals and turning up their screaming dial to just about eleven would work so well, huh? The vocals’ fury is one of the best things about this track, and the album, injecting everything with this unstoppable sense of rage. Of course, the vocals wouldn’t work with matching instruments and boy do all of the instruments answer that challenge. The guitars aren’t just monstrously fuzzy and hefty, they’re also groovy as all hell, especially as they slow down near the end of the track, drawing it home with a multiple gun salute. Add in that thick, redolent bass for an extra oomph on the axe-swing and draw a ribbon around it in the form of muscular, punchy drums and you’ve got the whole package.

I especially like the guitar/bass/drum combo which ushers in the aforementioned slow down at the end of the track, a groovy affair that sees all of the instruments hit in accord. It’s clear that Mother Iron Horse aren’t here to take any prisoners and “Under the Blood Moon” sure does show it. Maybe that also stems from the fact that its subject matter is so personal. Maybe that’s especially behind why the vocals sound so personal, raw, and emotional. Says Adam Luca, the vocalist for Mother Iron Horse:

Under the Blood Moon is one of the more personal songs on the album. The line “I am the son of a sinner/ I carry that stone/ Up the highest mountain/ Or six feet below” is a response to my experiences growing up in the mid 90’s with an LGBT parent in a working class city. I won’t go into details, but it was hard for them and it was hard for their kids. 25 years later and times are much different. I was proud to carry that stone back then and I’m proud to carry it now.“

Hell yes. If you like what you’ve heard here, let me tell you that Under The Blood Moon (the album this time, as this is the eponymous track) has plenty more to love on it like more contemplative folk rock pieces (which will make the Clutch reference above even clearer), plenty more bangers, including some faster and more directly aggressive tracks. The album drops November 5th on the monolithic Ripple Music and you can pre-order it right from the band’s Bandcamp.

Eden Kupermintz

Published 3 years ago