I was perusing the ol’ blog email inbox to see if any cool promos were hanging out in there a few days ago. I’m trying to get back in that habit after taking some time away from it, and I was feeling the urge to get a good dose of new tunes. And, of course, a band from Denver shows up in the feed so I have to click on it, right? “Huh,” I said to myself while opening the email, “I don’t think I’ve heard of DRUNE before. Let’s take a little gander here.” I looked up the stoner/drone/sludge/doom/other descriptors band and I’ll be god-damned where I stand if it wasn’t exactly in my wheelhouse. I emailed the band immediately to forcefully demand more music. They obliged with their newest song, “Giant’s Blood.”

Several things about this grab me. First, getcha some bass. One of the reasons I love this area of metal is because they make sure you can feel the music and don’t skimp out on the bass. DRUNE is killing it in that department. Of course, there’s that almighty riff as well. You can’t put asses in seats without a good riff in this arena, so DRUNE is checking another box for me. While this track in particular doesn’t delve into spacey territories, the rest of their self-titled full-length debut absolutely does. You need those moments of introspection for a truly great doom record, and DRUNE can do that, too. DRUNE is the full package if you’re into modern doom, and DRUNE as an album just rocks. I can’t say it any better. Keep on the lookout for the release of DRUNE’s debut on October 30th.