Every single time I get to write these words, chills run down my spine: I am here to premiere a new Ranges track. In case you haven’t been following my writing about post-rock at all, Ranges are one of my all time favorite post-rock bands. I’ve written extensively about their music, their concept, and their extra-curricular efforts with A Thousand Arms. And yet, every time I hear new music from them and get to write about it, I’m excited all over again. And why shouldn’t I be? Ranges have this unique talent of taking the “basic” tenets of post-rock and infusing them with so much spirit and passion that they cut through all the cliches and tired tropes, emerging revitalized and revitalizing from the other side. And “Sojourner”, the fourth single from their upcoming album, Cardinal Winds, is no different. Just head on down below and hit play, OK? I’m running out of words, for now.

Come on. How? Maybe the secret lies in the soft, electronic scintillations which accompany the first build-up around the track. Their softness sets our ears and hearts on fire, embellishing the main guitar riff with just enough wonder and longing to hook us in, without overpowering the main thrust of the track. Or maybe it’s that signature Ranges lead which follows up soon after, the solemn guitar line setting the stage for the grander explosion of sound that is sure to follow down the line? Or perhaps the part which pierces me right through is that explosion itself and how much control Ranges have over bluster, bravado, modesty, intimacy, and sheer drama? Actually, I suspect it’s the heart-wrenching way in which the electronics return to play their part in that explosion, reprise a thousand-fold with the sort of energy that only a good crescendo has.

Probably it’s all of those things which set Ranges apart, the perfect combination of everything a post-rock band needs to make this sort of music in 2021 and simply go for it. Whatever the reason, “Sojourner” is such a damn good track off of an incredible album. It releases on August 27th and you can head on over to the band’s Bandcamp to keep your eyes peeled for a pre-order. In true Ranges fashion, you know there’s going to be extensive vinyl coverage and other cool stuff to check out, so don’t miss out on it!