It’s groovy progressive death metal time! Ever since we heard Burial in the Sky‘s first single from their upcoming release, The Consumed Self, we knew the band were set to scratch that very particular itch only satisfied by well made, intricate, and ambitious death metal. Lo and behold, the second and third tracks released were just as good and we now come to you bearing gifts in the form of the fourth track, “On Wings of Providence”. The track further solidifies The Consumed Self as an album to watch out for if you’re a fan of intricate, many-noted (that’s a word, shut up) melodies, varied vocals, and a sweeping ambition that leaves no emotional stone turned. Let’s scroll down to the premiere itself and link up after you’ve slaked your riff-thirst (also a word)!

What a veritable smorgasbord of death metal goodness. I think my favorite part lies just after the four minute mark, where the lead guitars launch into this super cool bridge which reminds me of Fallujah‘s latter style of dream-y, atmospheric death metal. The solo that that bridge evolves into is also super cool and unique, showing off Burial in the Sky’s commitment to keeping things unique in versatile. Of course, the band can “go ham” as well and there’s plenty aggressive, in-your-face heaviness on the track as well. In fact, the way those heavier elements (like the breakneck blast-beats and the more guttural vocals) blend with the weirder, off-kilter, and melodic progressive notes is my favorite part about this track. Another good example of this lies further down the track, just before the six minute mark; listen to that weird riff go!

Bottom line, you should be hyped for this release by now, as it’s set to be one of progressive metal’s more interesting releases this year. The Consumed Self drops on August 13th and you can pre-order it right here.