At this point, we shouldn’t have to introduce Lachlan R. Dale. Here are the cliff notes: he runs Art as Catharsis and plays in Hashshashin which is one of our favorite labels and one of our favorite post/doom/drone/whatever bands, respectively. But Dale, as we’ve seen here on the blog before when we premiered some of his earlier works, is an interesting artist when working solo as well. His fascination with music from all over the world, stringed instruments from central Asia, and his penchant for massive, all-encompassing drone, has led him to create some fascinating music in the past. This is true for the track we are premiering here today as well; titled “Death Envelops All”, and sporting a video from Persian-Australian visual artist, darkcinema, the track is a masterclass in building and releasing tension. Head on down below to check it out!

It would be tempting to name drop several drone artists in here but I think the act that most comes to mind here is Sunn O))). While the track never quite reaches the volumes that the legendary act is famous for unleashing upon the earth, it still manages to scrape the same emotional depths that drone is so good at summoning. In fact, my favorite moments from the track (and the video) are near the end, after the tittering crescendo runs its course. Those solemn moments are incredibly fragile, enhanced by the sense of silence after the storm, like a field which resonates with the energy spent there by so much rain. This also works well with the Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī quote which opens the track, conveying the sense of release, dread, and emptiness which permeates the vast array of meanings that death has for the living.

You can grab this track, as well as stay updated with Dale’s solo work, on his Bandcamp page. A debut album should be forthcoming this year and there are some exciting news for Hashshashin’s fans coming later today as well. Until then, use this track to ruminate on the ending that awaits us all and how weird the anxiety its total freedom creates in us.