Small Pond and Art as Catharsis and science fiction inflected jazz-fusion! Need I say more? Probably not but it’s me we’re talking about here, so here’s some more. Funnily enough, we’ve already written quite a lot about Voronoi in our columns but they haven’t yet had their own post. I’m here to correct that grievous error and good thing I am too because the band’s The Last Three Seconds is one of my favorite albums from 2021 so far. In case you’ve forgotten what it’s all about, the below video, filmed on site at Small Pond’s studio, is a fantastic reminder. It features Voronoi’s space-y, future-y, heavy (no hyphen there) blend of jazz, post-rock, and progressive metal. It crunches. It wooshes. It bleeps. It goes. Head on down below to check it out for yourself!

My favorite part of this track was already the stupidly intense breakdown just shy of the three minute mark but now it’s been made even better by the band’s expressions and physical language as it hits. It’s also a fantastic example of why I love this album so much; not satisfied with just sprinkling some heavier additions here and there, Voronoi’s brand of fusion leans properly on all elements of the sound. There’s the dreamier synths and guitars in the beginning of the track, instruments and compositions which emphasize the off-kilter time signatures at play, and then there’s the drums focused assault that is the aforementioned breakdown. And both halves work just as well, creating the heavy, trippy, and unique blend that ends up becoming The Last Three Seconds.

If you want to fall down this rabbit hole alongside me, you can head on over to the Art as Catharsis’ Bandcamp page to grab this beauty. The label also has some sick merch, so check that out while you’re there. Oh, and don’t forget to head on over to the formidable Small Pond Records for all your weird, and engaging, music needs. What a party!