For those who missed our last installment, We post bi-weekly updates covering what the staff at Heavy Blog have been spinning. Given the amount of time we spend on the site telling you about music that doesn’t fall neatly into the confines of conventional “metal,” it should come as no surprise that many of us on staff have pretty eclectic tastes that range far outside of metal and heavy things. We can’t post about all of them at length here, but we can at least let you know what we’re actually listening to. Also, consider these posts open threads to share your own recent playlists and talk about pretty much anything music-related. We love hearing all of your thoughts on this stuff and love being able to nerd out along with all of you.

Scott Murphy

Kataan – Kataan (post-black metal)
Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime (Tishoumaren)
Georgia Anne Muldrow – VWETO III (instrumental hip-hop)
Sarah Neufeld – Detritus (post-minimalism)
Porter Robinson – Nurture (electropop)
Sons of Kemet – Black to the Future (Afro-jazz)
Squid – Bright Green Field (art rock)
TEKE::TEKE – Shirushi (psychedelic prog rock)
Yautja – The Lurch (metallic hardcore)

Josh Bulleid

Panopticon – …And Once More Into the Light (atmospheric black metal, Americana folk)
Don Broco – Technology (non-stop bangers!)
Tooth and Claw (metallic hardcore)
VOLA – Witness (progressive tech metal, melodic djent)
Code Orange – Underneath (industrial hardcore, alt rock)
Project Roenwolf – Edge of Saturn (progressive power thrash)
Basement – Colormeinkindness (alt rock, grunge)
Deadlights – The Uncanny Valley (post-hardcore, melodic metalcore)
Comeback Kid – Die Knowing (hardcore, crossover)

Eden Kupermintz

Khirki – Κτηνωδία (stoner metal/rock)
Mitch Murder – Then Again (citypop)
Dreamwell – Modern Grotesque (screamo)
Wolf and Raven – Gemini (synthwave, electronic rock)
Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud (progressive metal)
Kaschalot – Zenith (post-rock)
Meristem – Dark Phase (progressive metal)
VOLA – Witness (progressive metal)
Protest the Hero – Palimpsest (progressive metalcore)

Pete Williams

Yautja – The Lurch
Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime
Kataan – Kataan
Book of Wyrms – Occult New Age
St. Vincent – Daddy’s Home
Violet Cold – Empire of Love
Vokonis – Odyssey
Hit Like a Girl – Heart Racer
Methadone Skies – Retrofuture Caveman

Remi VL

Liar Thief Bandit – Deadlights (punk rock, rock n roll)
Humans as Ornaments – The Option to Disappear (noise-rock, mathcore)
Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows – The Magnetic Ridge (stoner, heavy psych)
Monster Magnet – A Better Dystopia (space rock, stoner rock)
Blackshape – Blackshape (instrumental post-rock, post-metal)
White Powder – Blue Dream (instrumental stoner, psych)
The Tragically Hip – Fully Completely (hard rock, alternative rock)
The Tragically Hip – Saskadelphia (hard rock, alternative rock)
Belvedere – Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense (skate punk, tech punk)

Trent Bos

Trade Wind – The Day We Got What We Deserved (alt rock)
Kaonashi – Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year (post-hardcore, mathcore)
Deadlights – The Uncanny Valley (post-hardcore, metalcore)
Mach-Hommy – Pray for Haiti (abstract hip-hop)
Disillusionist – Love & Anxiety (melodic hardcore, post-hardcore)
Fiddlehead – Between the Richness (emo, post-hardcore)
Logistic Slaughter – Lower Forms of Life (brutal tech death)
VOLA – Witness (prog metal)
Yautja – The Lurch (sludge metal, mathcore)