That’s the title, print it. We first told you about Wreche earlier this week, when I reviewed the project’s upcoming album (releasing today, in fact). Actually, that’s not really true: we first first told you about the project back in 2017, when Scott reviewed the project’s debut album. Since then, the project was mostly silent but it’s clear to see that a lot was happening in the background; All my dreams come true is an excellent progression from the previous release, and one which fleshes out, and deepens, the Wreche sound. In case you’re not familiar or have forgotten, that sound is post-black metal with a heavy emphasis on pianos and synths instead of guitars. The result is a harrowing release which we are proud to premiere here in full!

I spent a lot of time diving into the different tracks on the album and what how they work together on my review so I’d like to use this space to point out the last track, “Les Fleurs Mov. 2”. It’s perhaps the most theatrical track on the release, channeling the grandeur that usually dominates the works of avantgarde black metal like Lychgate or Dodheimsgard. That’s interesting because the rest of the album doesn’t channel those vibes to an equal degree; it’s “thinner” and more acerbic, whereas the sound on the last track is far more noir, grandiose, and macabre. It’s a great way to end the album, essentially giving it one last hurrah and painting the musical ideas of the project as wide and as far as they’d go. It’s one of the main things that ended up drawing me back to the album, as I suddenly reconfigured the release into a big buildup towards the explosive end.

And now you can experience that journey for yourself! All my dreams came true releases today and can be purchased via the Bandcamp page above.