For those who missed our last installment, We post bi-weekly updates covering what the staff at Heavy Blog have been spinning. Given the amount of time we spend on the site telling you about music that doesn’t fall neatly into the confines of conventional “metal,” it should come as no surprise that many of us on staff have pretty eclectic tastes that range far outside of metal and heavy things. We can’t post about all of them at length here, but we can at least let you know what we’re actually listening to. Also, consider these posts open threads to share your own recent playlists and talk about pretty much anything music-related. We love hearing all of your thoughts on this stuff and love being able to nerd out along with all of you.

Jordan Jerabek

Boris – New Album 2009 (experimental, sludge)
Boris – Japanese Heavy Rock Hits (experimental, sludge)
Boris – SMILE -Live at Wolf Creek- (experimental, sludge)
BRUIT ≤ – The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again (post rock)
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises (electronic, jazz, classical)
Genghis Tron – Dream Weapon (electronic, prog)
Regional Justice Center – Crime and Punishment (powerviolence, sludge)
Steel Bearing Hand – Slay in Hell (black thrash, death metal)
Tomahawk – Tonic Immobility (rock)

Josh Bulleid

Greenleaf – Echoes from a Mass (stoner rock, stoner metal)
Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm (progressive thrash, blackened tech death)
Steel Bearing Hand – Slay in Hell (blackened death thrash)
While She Sleeps – Sleeps Society (melodic metalcore)
Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together (tech metalcore)
Bring Me the Horizon – There is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It; There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep it a Secret (progressive metalcore, deathcore)
Violblast – Lazarus Abandonned (thrash, death metal)
Dvne – Etemen Ænka (progressive post metal)
The Lion’s Daughter – Skin Show (spooky post metal)

Eden Kupermintz

Stortregn – Impermanence (blackened tech death)
65daysofstatic – No Man’s Sky: Music For an Infinite Universe (electronic post-rock)
Ghostbound – Extended Play For My Sweet Mary Thyme (art rock)
ZETA – Zeta (synthwave)
Protest the Hero – Palimpsest (progressive metalcore)
Really From – Really From (midwest emo, chamber pop, jazz)
Bent Knee – Say So (art rock, alternative rock)
Satyr – Locus (progressive metalcore)
Dvne – Etemen Ænka (progressive post metal)

Scott Murphy

Blindfolded and Led to the Woods – Nightmare Withdrawals (progressive deathcore)
Christian Cosentino – Lawn (orchestral black metal)
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises (modern classical)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! (post-rock)
Mare Cognitum – Solar Paroxysm (atmospheric black metal)
Otay:onii – MIngMing (avant-garde electronic)
Swamp Hawk – Monster In Color (melodic stoner-doom)
Wallcreeper – Small Talk Is Bullshit (metallic hardcore)
Xiu Xiu – OH NO (avant-pop)