In September of last year, Dead Quiet released Truth and Ruin. When I first heard it, I was immediately taken by the sheer sense of joy and exuberance that the songs on the album conveyed. Truth and Ruin is rock n’ roll through and through, not just in its music (which has the sweetest organs and guitar tones you’ll hear this side of an Elder album, with which the band share more than just tones, by the by) but also in the aesthetic, verve, and passion that flows through every note and lyric. Therefore, I felt no surprise when I first watched the video for “Forever Sung”, one of my favorite tracks on the album (especially for its opening choir vocals) and discovered that it was fun and funny. The track has that same sense of schlocky, old school rock n’ roll vibe that I love about the release in general and the video is essentially a feel-good, Rocky-esque story bundled up into just over six minutes. Throw in the bouncy, joyful music that Dead Quiet are so good for and you have the full package. What’s not to like? Get to it!

Here’s the thing: creating this sort of campy video is actually extremely hard to do well. The trope has been done to bits and the supposedly low budget and self-deprecating atmosphere is very hard to get just right. But by Jove, Dead Quiet have gone and done it. Perhaps it’s the track itself which transforms this video into the fun, light-hearted affair that it is, building up the energy need to make the story into the engaging, well made accompaniment that it ends up being. Just like the track, the video is a hoot and a half, especially when the twist drops around the mid-way point (I won’t spoil it, don’t worry).

If, for some ungodly reason, you haven’t heard Truth and Ruin, please correct the error of your ways by heading over to the band’s Bandcamp to check it out. It’s one of the most enjoyable and dance-inducing albums of the previous year and you’re doing yourself a great injustice if you haven’t heard it yet. Stay rock!

Band photo by Milton Stille.