New York-based mathcore up-and-comers Juan Bond are preparing to release their debut album Womb at the turn of the new year on Mathcore Index-affiliated label (if that means anything to you, and it fucking should) Dark Trail Records, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, you need to get familiar right away. This five-piece conjurs the explosive energy from all your skronky faves with the added benefit of string accompaniment, so if you ever wanted to hear ferocious Dillinger riffs and melodic Number 12-style choruses paired with wailing violins, you’ve just found your new favorite band.

Ahead of the album’s release next month, we’ve got a new cut from the record — Womb‘s third track, “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bed” — available for streaming below. It’s a six minute tug-of-war of hardcore acrobatics and noisey, avant-garde textures that showcases the band’s heavier leanings.

If you enjoyed that one, be sure to double back to Bandcamp for previously released singles “Bat” and “Garbage Juice” for a further glimpse at Womb. While you’re there, know that today (December 4th) is Bandcamp Friday, wherein the platform waives their share of the revenue from purchases in favor of the band taking a larger cut. Consider pre-ordering Womb from Dark Trail Records and giving Juan Bond’s back catalog of EPs and singles a look while we wait for the record to drop on January 1st, 2021.