Yes, you read the name of the track right. By now, I would hope that if you read this blog you’d know who Beaten to Death are. In case you’ve forgotten, these guys make some of the best grindcore ever, tempering it with equal amounts of violence and self-deprecation. A few weeks ago, they took everyone by surprised by releasing an album titled Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos. The surprise was that it was vinyl only. And then they announced there’d be a different version of it, digital only, with a different master. And that that version would be released slowly, as separate EPs, over several months? Some of these EPs are already out but they skipped part two. Yeah, it’s hard to follow these guys but honestly, that’s what we love about them; they don’t compromise, they have a vision for their music and they’re sticking to it.

On “Flatulence of Emotions”, the band have also decided to showcase the immense energies they have live. Remember live shows? Beaten to Death remembers and if this video is anything to go by, let’s hope that we can get back to watching them go absolutely ballistic soon. The track itself is composed of everything we’ve come to love about these guys; the guitar track is robust and punishing, the drums move at a blistering, machine gun pace, and the vocals are the perfect balance between abrasive and mad as all hell. The track also features, once again, Beaten to Death’s penchant for curveballs, in the form of that quieter few seconds followed by that monstrous bass.

You can head on over to Beaten to Death’s Bandcamp to purchase/pre-order Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos in its various different forms. One thing is for sure: it’s one hell of a ride.