As we’ve documented many times on the blog, sometimes you just need to go fucking hard and fast. Yeah, music can be varied, expansive, and progressive but when you boil it down to the core, some days you just want to smash anything in your way. When the times comes for that, you need music that wastes no time on build-ups and cuts right to the thick of what makes metal great, namely fast riffs, hard vocals, and break-neck drums.

Enter Warfect. These guys hail from Uddevalla, Sweden, which is about an hour’s drive away from Gothenburg and that should tell you all you need to know about the kind of music they make. Don’t get the hint? Just listen to the tracks already released from their upcoming album, Spectre Of Devastation, that drops in full on Friday, November 13th. You’ll find a death metal core underpinned by fast thrash sensibilities, conjuring up that spirit of metal that just fucking goes, goes hard, and keeps going on for miles.

Need more clues? Well, just look at the picks below by the band’s vocalist/guitarist Fredrik Wester. Short, succinct, and to the point, the list of albums below includes some of the best aggressive albums in metal’s short, but brutal, history. Classic albums to get you going, nuggets of fury and power well worth remembering. When you’re done, don’t forget to click through here and pre-order the album. It’ll melt your face off.

Many bands have inspired us to become what we are today. It’s really hard to choose, but I’ll do my best. Tomorrow I will probably think, damn I should have mentioned that band or said this about that one, but here we go.

Sepultura – Arise

This has been a huge influence. I just l love their early days. The way they use the drums to enhance the rhythmic guitar parts. Well thought through phrasing of the vocals (at least it appears that way). This band, Mr. James Hetfield and the last artist on this list really formed the way I play rhythm guitar. I mean, after hearing this, your instinct just tells you to play and sound like a chainsaw; fast and furious.

Dissection – Storm of the Light’s Bane

Born in Sweden, black metal has always been an inspiration. Especially this album. Great songwriting combined with an amazing atmosphere. Also a good example that you can write a 6+ minute song without it getting boring.

Sodom – Agent Orange

This one really showed me the power of simplicity (even though I rarely use it, haha). Spitting one word choruses must be one of Mr Angelripper’s specialties and he does it really well.

Megadeth – Rust in Peace

Such a well written and performed album. Marty Friedman’s lead guitars on this one are stunning. It has really influenced the way I play and compose solos. At a young age it seemed impossible to play his stuff and it’s still really difficult to cover it. Especially with the same feeling.

Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss

Maybe you wouldn’t see this one coming, haha. I think this is their last album in a row of album perfectionism, which of course affected our way of thinking when it comes to songwriting and beer drinking.