For those who missed our last installment, We post bi-weekly updates covering what the staff at Heavy Blog have been spinning. Given the amount of time we spend on the site telling you about music that doesn’t fall neatly into the confines of conventional “metal,” it should come as no surprise that many of us on staff have pretty eclectic tastes that range far outside of metal and heavy things. We can’t post about all of them at length here, but we can at least let you know what we’re actually listening to. Also, consider these posts open threads to share your own recent playlists and talk about pretty much anything music-related. We love hearing all of your thoughts on this stuff and love being able to nerd out along with all of you.

Scott Murphy

3,14 – Bombyx Mori
Calyces – Impulse to Soar
Ceremonial Bloodbath – The Tides of Blood
clipping. – Visions of Bodies Being Burned
Henrik Palm – Poverty Metal
Hundredth – Somewhere Nowhere
Machinedrum – A View of U
The Mountain Goats – Getting Into Knives
Wobbler – Dwellers of the Deep

Calder Dougherty

clipping. – Visions of Bodies Being Burned
AFI – Sing The Sorrow
Chamber – Cost of Sacrifice
Undeath – Lesions of a Different Kind
White Walls – Grandeur
Creed – Human Clay
Fox Lake – Silence & Violence
Killswitch Engage – The End of Heartache
Korn – Follow the Leader

Trent Bos

Clipping – Visions of Bodies Being Burned
The God Awful Truth – Memory Palace
Tallah – Matriphagy
Calyces – Impulse to Soar
Slowly Building Weapons – ECHOS
Spanish Love Songs – Brave Faces Everywhere
Tesseract – One
Chamber – Cost of Sacrifice

Josh Bulleid

Spirit Adrift – Enlightened in Eternity
Coexistence – Collateral Dimension
Atlases – Woe Portrait
W.A.S.P. – Dying for the World
Bon Jovi – Keep the Faith
Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation
Van Halen – Van Halen
Deftones – Ohms
Ghostemane – Anti-Icon

Eden Kupermintz

65daysofstatic – Music for an Infinite Universe
Waveshaper – Artifact
Kubbi – Taiga
British Sea Power – Disco Elysium OST
TWRP – Over the Top
Ark – Burn the Sun
Indistinct – Violent Ends
Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma and Divorce
Enslaved – Utgard