From the rampant, murky underground of Copenhagen’s extreme music scene comes Bethmoora. Their name taken from Lord Dunsany’s A Dreamer’s Tales (itself a big influence on the fantasy and dark science-fiction world), this five-piece play with the abrasive sonic textures of sludge and doom in a stripped-down, blood-curdling manner. Sounds good, right? Well if the prospect of nearly ten minutes of aural torture doesn’t appeal to you, then time to stop reading. Interested? You know what to do. We have the full stream of “Painted Man” from their upcoming full-length Thresholds, available right over the jump. Descend into darkness and dial up the depravity!

Taking a slower road to armageddon, Bethmoora love to let the air simmer with piss and hostility between notes. “Painted Man” makes the vacuum of space seem appealing in comparison. A nice minute of rising tension crashes headfirst into the sound of a band smashing that first not on stage; the one that sucks all the air out of the room. Glassy cymbals splash and crash over a no-frills fuzz from the guitar, the type of classic distortion that phases in and out of your ear like an old familiar jingle. Except there is no jingle. Just doom. The reward at around the six-minute mark? A big turn into a big riff that slowly – almost laboriously – begs to headbang itself through a wall. Dark electronica fitters in and out throughout, giving a more digital frame around the organic, obscene doom that boils up under it.

Anders Kofod upfront gargles and spews sporadically but the wretched sounds he makes with his voice helps tell the band’s story. One set in “a world lit by gloom and hopelessness”. Gotta give it to the PR behind this one. Just finished the track again and feeling pretty glum and pretty fucking hopeless. The band were kind enough to give this short and to the point explanation of the sonic map of “Painted Man” and Thresholds as a whole.

“Whilst far from a pop hit ‘single’, we offer up this glimpse of the record as an insight into the overall mood to be expected on Thresholds.” – Bethmoora

Well. Does exactly what it says on the tin, I guess!

Thresholds releases November 27th via CD and digital (Sludgelord Records) and two-variant LP (Sludgelord, Minor Obscure, and Black Voodo Records). Preorders can all be found RIGHT HERE.

Smashing, depressive stuff. Really harkens back to the days of sitting in a tiny room with pals playing as heavy and slow as possible. If you know, you know.