Sometimes you listen to metal for its complexity and cerebral intricacies. Sometimes all you need is a good riff and some serious pace, which is exactly what Idle Ruin bring on debut single “The Devil’s Trade”.

The Brisbane three-piece are the newest addition to Australia’s already exceptional thrash metal scene, and a welcome one at that. Although blackened thrash might not always be my thing, the sheer pace and energy of Idle Ruin is irresistibly infectious. A combined singer/drummer isn’t something you usually see in a thrash metal band, and Liam Anthony’s ability to keep up the pace while laying down some save vocal lines is pretty impressive.

The song itself is about a supposedly cursed Brisbane printing factory. The band explain: “Back in the day, the printing industry was known as “The Devil’s Trade”, and there’s an old printing factory in Brisbane with a statue of the devil on top. There were rumours that if the workers didn’t remove their wedding rings upon entering the factory, bad things would happen to them. One worker foolishly ignored the warnings and ended up getting crushed to death.” Which just goes to show that you can make anything sound evil if you play it fast enough.

Three further lessons in blackened violence await on the band’s debut, self-titled EP, which comes out December 4th.