Editor’s Note: Longtime reader Remi VL is a regular guest contributor to our Release Day Roundup posts! He submitted several of the albums listed below. Join his Facebook group

4 years ago

Editor’s Note: Longtime reader Remi VL is a regular guest contributor to our Release Day Roundup posts! He submitted several of the albums listed below. Join his Facebook group for more recommendations.

Each month, we always seem to come to the same conclusion when it comes to our Editors’ Picks column: Friday release days open the floodgates and unleash a seemingly endless stream of quality new music. But while some of our Editors and Contributors sit down gleefully each week to dive into this newly stocked treasure trove, others find themselves drawing a blank at the end of the month due to the breakneck pace needed to keep up to date with what’s been released. Which brings us to this Heavy Blog PSA: a weekly roundup of new albums which pares down the week’s releases to only our highest recommendations. Here you’ll find full album/single streams, pre-order links and, most importantly, a collection of albums that could very well earn a spot on your year-end list. Enjoy!

Annie – Dark Hearts (synthpop)

Ape Skull – Fields of Unconscious (stoner rock)

Autechre – SIGN (IDM, glitch)

Autocatalytica – Powerclashing Maximalism (technical prog metal)

Benediction – Scriptures (death metal)

Matt Berninger – Serpentine Prison (chamber pop, singer/songwriter)

Black Thought – Streams of Thought Vol. 3: Cain & Abel (hip-hop)

Calyces – Impulse to Soar (progressive stoner metal)

Jennifer Castle – Monarch Season (alt-country, indie folk)

север – надлом (screamo)

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean – The Vestige (doom, sludge)

Chaos Divine – Legacies (progressive power metal)

Oliver Coates – skins n slime (drone, experimental)

Deep Sea Diver – Impossible Weight (indie pop, alt-rock)

Delmer Darion – Morning Pageants (shoegaze, IDM)

Devoured By the Abyss – Omnipotence (tech deathcore)

Dorian Electra – My Agenda (electropop, bubblegum bass)

Gord Downie – Always Mine (indie rock, folk)

Wendy Eisenberg – Auto (avant-garde vocal jazz)

Everything In Slow Motion – Influence (post-hardcore, alt-rock)

Falset – We Follow Or Lead the Way (progressive metalcore, post-hardcore)

Goldmund – The Time It Takes (modern classical, ambient)

Goratory – Sour Grapes (brutal tech death, deathgrind)

Growing Concerns Poetry Collective – Big Dark Bright Futures (abstract hip-hop)

Gulfer – Gulfer (emo, math rock)

Paddy Hanna – The Hill (Celtic folk, art rock)

Healer – Into the Fray (metalcore)

HEALTH – DISCO4 :: PART I (electro-industrial, noise rock)

Holy Motors – Horse (dream pop, americana)

Homeboy Sandman & Quelle Chris – Don’t Feed the Monster (abstract hip-hop)

Hugo Kant – Far From Home (downtempo, nu-jazz)

Infera Bruo – Rites of the Nameless (progressive black metal)

Ironed Out – We Move As One (hardcore, rapcore)

Jeremy Ivey – Waiting Out the Storm (Americana, alt-country)

JeGong – I (krautrock, experimental electronic)

Ben Katzman – Shred Mountain (heavy metal, shred)

Kingdom of Giants – Passenger (metalcore, djent)

Kneel – Ailment (groove metal, thrash)

Leprosy – Obnoxious Futuristic Vision (death metal)

Lord Almighty – Wither (progressive sludge)

The Lungs – Psychic Tombs (punk rock, hardcore)

Maladie – The Grand Aversion (black metal, prog metal)

Mandaground – Enlightenment (progressive sludge)

Molassess – Through the Hollow (prog rock)

Mr Bison – Seaward (heavy psych, stoner rock)

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Dark Passengers (alt-rock, post-punk)

Netherblade – Reborn (thrash)

Odessey & Oracle – Crocorama (baroque pop, psychedelic pop)

Offermose – Stilhedens Tårn (darkwave, dungeon synth)

Old News – Self​-​Acceptance Speech (indie rock, emo)

Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma and Divorce (abstract hip-hop)

Osees – Metamorphosed (psych rock, proto-punk)

Henrik Palm – Poverty Metal (post-punk, experimental rock)

Quattracenta – II (post-punk, no wave)

Sadist – The Origin of Pain (groove metal, tech death)

Sons of Otis – Isolation (stoner-doom)

Spirit Adrift – Enlightened in Eternity (heavy metal, traditional doom)

Tare – A Little Less Than Last Time (math rock, post rock)

Temple of the Fuzz Witch – Red Tide (stoner-doom)

Throane – Une ballad dans le pied (post-black metal)

Vesta – Odyssey (progressive stoner rock)

Wayfarer – A Romance with Violence (post-black metal)

Whethan – Fantasy (electropop)

Scott Murphy

Published 4 years ago