This is what running the blog is all about for me: getting to share music from some of the best band’s on the planet right now. This is definitely the case with pg.lost. These guys have been at the top of the list of post-metal and rock for me, always delivering emotional, clever, and inimical works of emotive, atmospheric, and surprisingly heavy music. That’s why it’s such an honor for me to get to premiere “E22”, the first single from their upcoming album, Oscillate, due to grace us with its presence on the 20th of November through the mighty Pelagic Records. And just in case you were wondering, it fully shows that pg.lost, who’s last album Versus came out four years ago, are still very much on top of their game. Head on down below to see for yourself!

God, those haunting synth melodies are just so good! They start off by embellishing the track, adding a haunting note to the moody guitars and pronounced drums. But then, after the track goes through a heavier, very post-metal riff, they become the centerpiece for the track, soaring above it all around the fourth minute mark. Their expressive heights are then expertly contrasted by a quieter passage, with the guitars sounding like they’re clawing their way back to life and sound. This all leads into the track’s closing crescendo, as the heavier elements return, reiterating on previous themes to bring everything to a satisfying close. Everything just flows so well, creating a rich tapestry of emotions, whether those emotions are cathartic like the heavy part, contemplative like the quieter sounds, or explosive like the synths’ centerpiece.

Overall, this is exactly what I wanted from the band. Keep their passion for post metal, they seem to have once again dug deep into their song-writing capabilities, bringing forth yet another satisfying and seamlessly constructed piece of music. Don’t forget to pre-order Oscillate right here; if “E22” is anything to go by, you are not going to want to miss this one.