Can we just pause for a second to recognize that we’re premiering a track called “Ditchfinder General” from an album called Divine Filth by a band called The Death Wheelers? How awesome is all of this? I love this gig. Anyway, on to the track; The Death Wheelers are all about rocking out and rocking out hard and this track is no different. Recorded live in a room with all the band fully present, it has that warm, woody, messy feeling that any good rock n’ roll track needs. And it’s not just the production or the recording on it; the track itself would probably be wild under any circumstances. It’s fueled big, big guitar tones, a throbbing monster of a bass, and drums that won’t slow down even for a second. Let’s head on down to check it out!

Oh yes baby! I think the main thing I love about this track is how varied it is; sure, it starts off with this breakneck, unruly beast of a riff but it’s not afraid to slow down and open up some space for that lead guitar to really scream across its surface. And scream it does! The very first solo that erupts on Ditchfinder General is all snazz and no filler. Of course, it “only” serves as an excuse for things to pick up the pace again before they slow right back down for another lick-a-licious guitar part. This dynamic reminds me of a sort of heavier sounding The Bakerton Group. The instrumental blues elements are definitely there and they ring out loud and clear on The Death Wheelers agenda. Add in that sexy Western influenced segment in the middle, backed up by those solid drums, and you have everything you need to have some fun.

Divine Filth releases via the always groovy RidingEasy Records on September 11th. You can head on over to the label to pre-order it.