We’ve spoken about Mindscar in the past but it was four years ago (yes, 2016 was four years ago fuck). In addition, the band have recently broken their silence in the form of an excellent new single and video titled “My Masochist”. So, what better excuse than to talk about the band’s excellent, tight, modern technical death metal and get a bunch of y’all to check them out? If you need a cherry on top of all of this cake, the band also have the distinguished honor of once counting Matt Heafy (Trivium) among their ranks. But almost two decades after his departure (and the break up) of Mindscar, they’re still going strong. Head on down below for your proof!

Good lord, this owns. I can’t decide what I like more: the incredibly agile and well composed the drums, the immensely powerful vocals which escort the track throughout its runtime or the sheer passion that every single member of the band exhibits on this video. It’s probably the latter; it’s incredibly infectious to watch a video and see the musicians so clearly engrossed in their music and dedicated to it. Add to this the interesting guitar composition, with those chopped up, ultra-fast licks thrown in, the mighty heft of the main riff, and how hard the whole thing goes, and you have yourself a winning formula.

Hopefully this single means that more, much more, is to come from Mindscar. They have yet to reap the reputation and standing that they are clearly deserving of and I for one can’t wait to hear what they have coming up next. Go follow them on Bandcamp (and listen to their 2015 album because it rules) to stay updated!