Maybe it’s the quarantine or just my usual propensity for the odd flaring up but I’m in a real avant-garde right now. Lychgate is providing my fix quite well but I’m hungry for me; something about the unique and twisted sounds of the genre are just calling to me right now. Luckily, it seems as if KHÔRA are going to be a good source for my fixes, as the project blends black and death metal into a heady, avant-garde, unsetlling mix. Oh, and there’s also Platonic cosmogenesis thrown into the mix as the album, named Timaeus, references the famous dialog from which we get the more famous version of the Atlantis story as well as Plato’s version of the creation of the world.

“Existence”, the track we are proud to be premiering today, also features one Victonik from the enigmatic and incredible DØDHEIMSGARD on vocals. His voice works perfectly with the instruments as the onslaught of guitar tracks, lilting bass, and weird drums isn’t too far of a departure from his home band. The speed and technicality of KHÔRA, however, is what sets them apart from the other bands working in the genre. There’s plenty of theatrics to be sure but the focus is less on grandiose per se but more on the furious, many-noted shell which surrounds it and gives it context. The end result is that Timaeus is incredibly dense in more of a death metal sense, technical and progressive, while still maintaining much of the abrasiveness of avant-garde black metal.

Timaeus releases on April 17th via Soulseller Records. You can head on over to their Bandcamp page to pre-order, as well you should. It’s wild and deeply satisfying if you’re looking for something to challenge you.