There are some things in life that are just tried and true when it comes to quality. A New York-style slice of pizza, for example. Or Quentin Tarantino’s films. The National’s music. In a world absolutely littered with inconsistency and variability, it’s nice to know that there are a few things that have always been, and (hopefully) always will be, excellent. New releases from India’s metal monolith Transcending Obscurity Records is one of those things, and we couldn’t be more pleased to serve as the cannon that launches Medium’s “Gargola” into the world. It’s another Heavy Blog Is Heavy exclusive premiere, and it’s really damn good.

Most of you (like me) may be unfamiliar with these Argentinian firebrands, and that’s understandable. With only a single self-titled EP to their name, there hasn’t been a whole lot to digest. Their self-titled debut record drops March 6th, and is filled with enough crusty, death-grinding filth to keep even the most militant of metalheads satisfied. “Gargola” delivers a hefty dose of what the band do best, and is essential listening for any fans of the above sounds, but with a welcome twist. While much music in these spaces is a never-ending assault of pure hardcore riffage, Medium do a great job of adding plenty of welcome melody into the mix, never letting the intensity of their music overwhelm a good tune. Fede and Seba’s guitars are sensational, drawing every last bit of melodic malice from their instruments. But for me it’s Lucien’s vocals that both surprised me and stole the show, infusing the band’s hardcore and grind elements with a disgusting death metal growl that adds just the right amount of ugliness to the track. If Martyrdod. Rotten Sound, or Henry Kane are up your alley, there’s plenty here to enjoy.

The consistent quality of Transcending Obscurity’s releases is bananas, and Medium’s “Gargola” serves as another definitive notch in the label’s belt. May their wonders never cease, and the stream of quality content never end. You can preorder the full record now on the band’s Bandcamp page. Get on it.