The Anatomy Of – Konvent

This is one of those installments of Anatomy Of which serves as an excuse for us to finally tell you about a band, usually a band we’ve slept on.

4 years ago

This is one of those installments of Anatomy Of which serves as an excuse for us to finally tell you about a band, usually a band we’ve slept on. This is definitely the case with Konvent, a Copenhagen based band which delivers corrosive, bottomless death-doom of the highest degree. Honestly the only reason this is the first time we’re writing about Puritan Masochism, their debut album which released last week, is because of the sheer amount of music still being released every day. Other than that, there’s absolutely no reason not to talk about, and listen to, this magnificent release. Why? Two words: stank face.

Yes, that’s right: stank face. You know what I’m talking about: it’s that face you make when a particularly nasty riff or vocal lines plays and you just have to express the sheer heaviness of what you’re listening to via a facial expression. Your lip curls up, your nose squishes, and your entire visage communicates the sheer filth and power on display. Many an album will claim to be non-stop, stank face inducing riffs but very few actually deliver on that promise. Let me tell you, loud and clear, that Puritan Masochism is one of those rare albums which deliver. Holy crap, every single riff on this album sounds like it comes from the deepest abyss. But instead of “just” being heavy, everything is also so groovy, the riffs moving like a glacier that has no right being that fast.

But more than anything, the vocals of one Rikke Emilie List are what wraps everything up in a little black bow and into a complete package. List’s timbre is so incredibly front-face, so immediately aggressive and expressive, that is just leaves you in awe. Whether intoning the deepest growls on tracks like “Trust” or varying things up with higher screams, her voice just bleeds death metal. Couple that with the riffs mentioned above, plus some absolutely monstrous bass and drums from the rest of the band (all made by women, by the way), and you have yourself one brilliant, pummeling, heavy piece of work.

Hopefully by now you’re already spinning the album over on the band’s Bandcamp page. While you do that, head on down below for a taste of the band’s influences and picks submitted by none other than List herself, delivered in the same machine gun intensity as the album itself. Stay heavy and don’t forget to pick up Puritan Masochism via a channel of your heart’s desire.

NAILS – You will never be one of us

This may seem a bit weird, considering their and our general pace, but this is a record we’ve thrown on in our rehearsal space many times, when we’ve either lacked inspiration or just energy.  NAILS is always a good idea – full on mosh pit – just the four of us – that’s how you write an album, haha.

Black Breath – Heavy Breathing

This is one of Heidi’s favorite bands and albums. She and Sara write our riffs so there is without a doubt some Black Breath inspiration in there somewhere.

Halshug – Blodets Bånd

This Copenhagen three-piece will make you want to kick in your own teeth! But in a good way. It’s impossible not to get run over by their unstoppable energy and Jakob Johnsen’s limb-tearing vocals. They released Blodets Bånd the year we formed Konvent and we listened to it a lot around that time.

Eyes – Eyes

This too is an album we have listened a lot to and absolutely love! And seeing Eyes live takes the band to another level. They warmed up for us a year ago and we had no idea of how we were going to top it, haha. But when we had to look for support bands for our release concert last week, there was no doubt about who we were going to call.

Black Sabbath –  Black Sabbath

Last but not least, we can’t get around this one. This album formed our foundation as all of our dads played it for us, when we were kids. It’s 50 years old (!) and the songs are still amazing! No explanation needed. This is just an awesome record.

Eden Kupermintz

Published 4 years ago