Another day, another excellent traditional heavy metal demo/debut EP! From the very first seconds of Orphan Devil‘s demo, I was hooked; that dry, treble heavy guitar tone is something I’m just a sucker for. Add in vocals which make no apology for their influences, kind of like Traveler‘s from just a year ago, and you get the complete package. This little release has one thing and only one thing on its mind: to play fast, old-school, effective heavy metal and its accomplishes this goal with ease. It’s being re-released on the 21st of February this year by the excellent Gates of Hell Records, so this is as good a time as any to give you a head’s up about these Finnish hellions. Head on down below for your first taste!


Can I get a “hell yeah”? I love how, just as soon as the first track ends, the second one picks up the same kind of galloping, kick ass pace, giving the vocals the momentum they need to come back as if the first track never ended. These same vocals also have some of the goth rock influences that have become popular due to acts like Idle Hands and their rising popularity. But everywhere else, Orphan Devil are heavy metal through and through, leaning hard on their classic production to create the kind of high octane, no holds barred metal they clearly love to make.

As always, we’ll end this post we’ve the hope that there’s more in the future for Orphan Devil as this first excursion has heaps of promise. In the meantime, check them out and make sure to throw some money their way; no better way to make sure the metal we love keeps being made than by supporting the artists making it!