Yes friends, it is that time again: time to scratch your head at Öxxö Xööx, one of the weirdest and most unique projects out there. In case you’re in familiar, Öxxö Xööx is Laurent Lunoir’s (Igorrr) odd brain-child, melding doom, avant-garde, and operate into one heady mix. For the projects upcoming release, Ÿ, Lunoir has once again worked with Rïcïnn (Corpo-Mente/Igorrr) to create the kind of ethereal mind-scapes that the project demands. But, as the track we’re premiering today will show you, some new voices have been added to the mix. On “Döld”, if you listen closely, you’ll find the tones of one Master Boot Record, a blog favorite working deep within the realms of sinister, future-forward synthwave. His synths are really hard to mistake for any other’s, their breakneck pace and metallic tinge shining extremely brightly on this track. Head on down below to escape our physical reality with “Döld” and I’ll meet you on the astral realm below.

You can say what you want about Öxxö Xööx’s music; some might not even like it. But what you can’t say about it is that it’s not immediately recognizable and unique. The over-the-top sound, the lyrics dripping with an internal philosophy and metaphysics, the punishing, cavernous guitars at the base of it. All of these create a sound wholly self-possessed, spinning the kind of realm that Öxxö Xööx’s music has been swimming in for a while now. Add in Master Boot Record’s chunky synth-guitars, electronic blastbeats, and overall edge and you get “Döld”, a bewilderingly encompassing track.

While almost eight minutes is already an extensive runtime, it just feels like even more is taking place on this track; from the vocal layers (if you try to guess how many there are, I’m sure there are actually more) to the lyrics, to the way the guitars wrap everything up in their caustic presence, this track is a ride and a half. Ÿ is set to have many more of these excellent moments so make sure you pre-order it right here. It releases on November 29th via the incandescent Blood Music.